fast food

Faster Food


Feel like a fast food fix; for one restaurant having it your way now includes delivery.

Burger King, which operates about 7,500 restaurants across the country, is now testing out a delivery program. Calling it a way to boost sales the idea is now in effect at four locations in Virginia and Maryland; Burger King hopes to expand this to sixteen by January 23rd. The Miami based chain has not yet decided if this service will be expanded throughout their locations nationwide.  read more »

A New Burger


Wendy’s is cooking up a new recipe; and every ingredient is being grilled.

You might not be able to re-invent a classic; but you can re-make it and that’s exactly what Wendy’s is attempting. Recently the company released its new Dave’s hot and juicy burger. The burger, which took two and a half years to perfect started selling in restaurants earlier this week. Called “Project Gold Hamburger” the process involved deciding to switch from white onions to red and to go with crinkled pickles.  read more »

Supersize Me


The fast food industry is booming. But it might not be the cheap prices for hefty portions that deserve the credit; it might be the son of God.

Researchers say that over the years the food in renditions of the last supper has been supersized. Using a computer they compared the size of the food to the heads of Jesus and his disciples in 52 different paintings. They concluded that between the years 1000 and 2000, the size of the main dish grew by 69%, the size of the plate 66% and the bread 23%. For the study they used paintings featured in the book “Last Supper” that contains some of the oldest portrayals of the meal including the one done by Leonardo da Vinci.  read more »