Social Campaigns


It's election season in Japan; and the candidates are getting extra social.

When you're hoping to get noticed by hiring managers or voters a little extra effort can go a long way. So in order to stand out Japanese politicians are venturing into the world of cyber space. That comes after a legal change allowing social media in campaigns and giving politicians permission to set up Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The current prime minister is jumping into the action with a game for smartphones staring him as a character that leaps and jumps his way through various adventures. As players make it to different levels they rack up points gaining access to information about the prime minister.  read more »

The Buddy Cup


Facebook is expanding right to your favorite watering hole.

Budweiser Brazil is announcing a Facebook enabled glass called the Buddy Cup. When two people tap glasses, they instantly become Facebook friends . . . thanks to computer chips in the cups.

According to a promotional video, the cup is only being tested in Brazil, but it seems more test cities are in the works.

The video tells people to stay tuned for the Buddy Cup debut at future Budweiser events. So what's the point of the Facebook Budweiser friendship?

According to the reports, Budweiser is hoping the social media giant will boost consumer interaction at its brand sponsored events. In other words, it's hoping Facebook will increase Bud's revenue.  read more »

Instagram and Facebook


A picture might be worth a thousand words; but you can’t take that to the bank.

It was a year ago this week that Facebook purchased the photo sharing company Instagram for one billion dollars. Way above its estimated value of 500 million. And according to Time magazine the company hasn’t made a dollar since. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying.

Since the buy-out Instagram has doubled its staff and added a business operations director brought over from Facebook. And the outside interest is there. When Facebook bought it, Instagram had 30 million users. Now a year later it has more than 100 million users posting 40 million photos a day.  read more »

A Workplace Wonderland


Feel like a vacation; then head to the office.

Tech companies are flying out of the recession with a new business plan; incentives. More than ever before Silicon Valley companies want their employees in the office. It started with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer banning the practice of telecommuting and has moved to extra-large office space and job perks.  read more »

Dead on Facebook


Every now and then a Hollywood star is reported dead; despite the fact they are alive and kicking, now you can meet the same fate.

A while back I reported that Facebook offered users the option to have their final messages posted to their account. But this would only be uploaded if a pre-selected person could prove you had actually passed away.

But apparently the high standards may not work. According to a Yahoo news blog, if someone reports you as dead to Facebook; they will deactivate your account no questions asked.

One Facebook user says all you have to do to say someone is dead is send a message to the company complete with a link to an obituary. And if the name in the obit matches the account then the account is dropped.  read more »

The Importance of Facebook


The British can’t get enough of their social networks; even if it means giving up some daily indulgences.

The London Science Museum surveyed 3,000 people to see how they rank the importance of everyday items. At the top of the list is tech's favorite friend, Facebook. In fact the social network is such a necessity it was ranked above modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing, a shower and shoes. But it doesn’t end there. Respondents picked Facebook over public transportation and a national health care service.  read more »

New Privacy Laws

WDW Swan Privacy Please.jpg

For the first time in 24 years anti privacy laws are getting a bit more private.

Recently I spoke with Jim Steyer, CEO of San Francisco based Common Sense Media. A company that helps people get the best out of media and technology when it comes to entertainment and education. Steyer says in the next few weeks the children’s online privacy protection act is expected to become law.

“They are efforts to update the nation’s privacy laws so that the best interest of children and their privacy needs are protected, in a world where online communication and social media networks like facebook go 24/7.”  read more »

Overage Bullies


Bullies never go away; they just get older.

Election season is over and the months of campaigning have taughts us that bullies are roaming more than the halls of our schools.

“This sure has been a nasty election season. And kids no matter where they live have heard an incredible amount. Messages from candidates on both sides of the outlet are really negative and show the worst side of American politics.”  read more »

Shopping with Facebook


Facebook is hoping to make friends with the retail world.

The social media giant is testing a product that allows users to create a wish list of products from various stores. Right now the test phase has 7 retailers including Pottery Barn and Victoria’s Secret.

It lets certain users flag images of desired items by clicking a “want” button. Then those items are shared with their friends who can purchase them through Facebook.

Analysts say the feature being called “Collections” is the first step by Facebook into the e-commerce world. A company statement says Facebook will not receive any payments or retribution if someone buys a product.  read more »

Social Hour


Your job performance isn’t the only thing being closely watched at work.

Ever killed time during your 9 to 5 by sending personal emails, checking out the latest social sites or online shopping? Well your secret behavior might not be so secret.

A survey conducted last year found that over half of U.S. employees are monitoring what their employees do on their computers. And now a Yahoo tech blog is helping you find out if you are one of them and what you can do about it.  read more »