Facebook Facts


Facebook's new messaging app has many of its friends ready to jump ship.

Recently the social media giant launched a new standalone messenger app. It is required for users to chat with each other and send messages or photos back and forth. But when some Android users went to install it they were faced with a message that had privacy advocates up in arms.

That message said the app required permission to access the phone's camera, contact list, microphone and other important information. To make matters worse the Huffington Post published a blog that claimed the new app gives Facebook direct control over your mobile device. According to the blog it allows Facebook to call phone numbers and send text messages without your confirmation.  read more »

A Bad Friend


It looks like Facebook is about to lose a few friends.

For one week in 2012 the social media giant was unknowingly altering people’s personal news feeds. As part of a study it intentionally posted positive news on some people’s feeds, while posting negative stories on others. It found that people who received bad news were more likely to write negative posts; and those who had happy news stories posted in their feeds wrote positive messages.

Facebook says only about 690,000 of its users were part of the study. But there is no indication that any one of them knew what was happening. And the reaction has not been very friendly.  read more »

Well Paid Interns


Some of the highest paid people in Silicon Valley; aren’t even on the list of employees.

The days are warming up and the school year is winding down. That means a new group of fresh faced interns are filling the halls of some of the most powerful companies in the country. And it’s not just the perk of saying “I work at Facebook or Google” that has hundreds of young adults applying for the opportunity. It’s the perks.

Interns get to enjoy the same things as full time employees including bikes, massages and swimming pools. Facebook even offers housing to interns who find it easier to stay on campus. But if you think this makes up for the fact that they’re unpaid; think again.  read more »

Photo Shopped


One of the top executives at Facebook is “liking” a lot more pictures; just as soon as she tweaks them.

Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg runs a nonprofit feminist organization called “Lean In.” Last week Sandberg announced a partnership between “Lean In” and the stock photo agency Getty images. Their goal is to improve the online images of women.

Sandberg says her goal is to take all the pictures of laughing women eating salad or women with kids and replace them with pictures of women in the corporate world. Sandberg says when we see images of men and women they often fall into the stereotypes we're trying to overcome. She says this partnership will change that because you can't be what you can't see.  read more »

Relationship Not


Not sure how to tell your best friend that their latest relationship is going nowhere; there's an app for that.

When your friend meets someone new and you think they're a dud what do you do? Keep your mouth shut and you feel like a bad friend. Voice your opinion and chances are they won't listen to you and it might solidify the dreaded bond even more.

Well now you have the chance to voice your opinion without actually voicing it. The app “Forever Not” lets you anonymously vote on the chances of a couple's relationship. Then it lets them see the results without letting them know who said what.  read more »

Time Travel


Researchers are on the hunt for time travelers; and they're searching on social media.

An astrophysicist from Michigan Technological University and his students decided to conduct an experiment. The hypothesis; if time travelers exist they might be bragging about their adventures online. And they centered their search around Pope Francis and comet ISON.

Pope Francis was elected in march of 2012 and comet ISON first detected in September of the same year. Their idea was that if there were any tweets, Facebook posts or blogs from 2011 that would mean someone had come back from the future with knowledge of what was to come. Unfortunately their search came up empty.  read more »

Unfriendly Facebook


It looks like Facebook is getting a little un-friendly.

If you're tired of seeing what people had for breakfast or hearing about their daily gripes Facebook is now allowing users to weed out useless information. Soon you will be able to un-follow friends whose comments and updates you want removed from your newsfeed.

The new feature will be available in the drop down menu on people's posts in news feed. The best part of the new feature is that users will not be notified if you've kicked them out of your feed. This means you get to keep your friends while avoiding news you're not interested in.  read more »

New Friends


Facebook’s target audience is making new friends.

Facebook’s chief financial officer says teenagers are becoming less active on the site. He says the amount of teens spending more than a few minutes online is now at 56%. That’s down from 76% earlier this year. So who are they hanging out with now?

Experts say younger social media users are switching to sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Flickr. Experts say it’s clear the big winners in the social media world are closed messaging and video and photo sharing apps. They say that could be harmful to Facebook who pushes a peer-to-peer community on a more public stage.  read more »

Underwater Internet


The world is well connected; even the one under the sea.

Professors from the University of Buffalo have successfully tested an underwater wireless internet network. They say a submerged network will give them the ability to collect and analyze data from the oceans in real time. But underwater Wi-fi doesn’t come easy.

Since radio waves do not transmit underwater the team had to create their own. So they dropped two 40 pound sensors into lake Erie and converted the sound waves into the necessary radio waves. Researchers say making ocean internet information available to anyone with a smart phone or computer, especially in the case of a tsunami could help save lives.  read more »

Reputation Repair


These days your reputation travels faster than you can repair it.

James Lim is the San Francisco based regional managing director for Joie de Vivre Hospitality. Lim recently used social media to take the ranking of one of his hotels from number 72 on Trip Advisor to number 15. Lim says people go straight to the internet to post reactions about their stay. He says the key is to stay on top of those reviews and make changes based on that immediate feedback. But just a few years ago general managers had a completely different way of doing things.

“It's through guest surveys that you leave in the guest rooms or face to face interaction but now it’s out there and again millions of people are reading this review so you really need to be engaged.”  read more »