Zuckerberg's Book Club


Mark Zuckerberg is taking a cue from Oprah, and cracking open a few books with strangers.

As his new year’s resolution the Facebook founder vowed to read a new book every other week. And in what could be the largest book club in the world, he’s inviting all his Facebook followers to join in. Despite building a fortune on connecting people online, Zuckerberg says he finds books very intellectually fulfilling. He says books allow people to explore a topic and immerse yourself in information in ways that technology doesn’t allow.  read more »

Web Summit


It started with just 400 people and now Dublin’s web summit is the place to be for some of the world’s biggest companies.

“To me computers were just a part of my life, it’s just hardwired into who i am and i really created the web summit initially out of my bedroom.”

Paddy Cosgrave is the founder and CEO of Web Summit; a tech conference held in Dublin, Ireland since 2010. I attended the three day conference this year which was the largest one yet. People who made the trip came from companies including Twitter, Facebook and the dating app Tinder.
Cosgrave says for more than a decade there’s been an Irish tradition of laying out the red carpet for American companies to expand into Europe. Now he’s hoping the summit will help Irish entrepreneurs.  read more »

A Tech Bubble


California's Silicon Valley might be a bubble of innovation; but is that bubble about to burst?

Peter Thiel is the author of “Zero to One;” a book that is being billed as one of the smartest ever written to teach people about economics. And with a background that includes co-founder of PayPal and the first outside investor in Facebook Thiel is an ideal teacher.

And despite selling his company to Ebay Thiel says companies today should not be in a big hurry to sell. He also doesn’t believe that Silicon Valley is in a tech bubble. He says in the 90’s there were about 300 tech IPO’s; today there’s around 40 and consumer enthusiasm is fading.  read more »

Zuckerberg's Uniform


Mark Zuckerberg created the most popular social site around; but he didn’t necessarily look good doing it.

After years of sporting jeans and a grey t-shirt Zuckerberg is explaining his refusal to switch up his wardrobe choices. In a Facebook question and answer session he says he wears the t-shirt every day because he thinks “what to wear” is a silly decision. He says he wants to clear his life so that he has to make as few decisions as possible except how to best serve the Facebook community. He also considers deciding what to eat for breakfast each morning a silly decision but hasn’t found a way to simplify that.  read more »

New Born Fame


These days there are multiple options for connecting with the outside world; including your child's toys.

A new research project out of the Netherlands called “New Born Fame” is asking how young is too young for social media. The woman behind it says she noticed a rising trend in the number of snapshots and videos people were posting of their new additions. So she decided to remove the middle man, in this case the parents, by developing a series of toys that will welcome babies to the well connected world.

That includes a snuggly “selfie” ball that lets the child snap a picture of themselves and post it to Facebook. Motion tracking shoes that register and upload physical activity. And an interactive pacifier that uploads the location of the child.  read more »

Unfriendly Facebook


With more than one billion active friends, Facebook can afford to lose a few. And in this case it's the federal government.

Recently a New York woman filed a lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Administration. She is accusing the DEA of using her name and pictures on Facebook to connect with suspected drug dealers. She says it happened following her arrest for being part of a drug ring.

The justice department initially said she gave consent for this when she handed over her cell phone which had her personal information on it. But now it admits the DEA might have gone too far when it used her identity to track down people it considered dangerous. And Facebook seems to agree.  read more »

Military Recruiting


The U.S. Marine Corp is looking for a few good women; and they’re searching the board room.

Last year U.S. Marine Corp Commandant General James Amos made a new friend in Sheryl Sandberg. Since then the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook has helped him brainstorm ways to boost the number of female marines. Right now women account for about 15% of the entire active duty military with the smallest number of them in the Marine Corp. But officials say that might change in 2016 when more front line combat jobs are opened to women.  read more »

Facebook Rumors


A new rumor involving Facebook has users up in arms about being charged for having a social life.

Earlier this week a report was released that said beginning November 1st Facebook would start charging users almost $3 a month to use the site. The announcement which was delivered by a site called nationalreport.com says the company held a news conference at its Menlo Park, California headquarters to announce the charge.  read more »

Rules For New Employees


Starting a new job? There are a few rules to follow if you plan on sticking around.

Once you get past the interview process and you're officially in the front door the hard part isn't over. A handshake and a paycheck doesn't mean they have to keep you around. So to boost your chances of making it through the first few months of scrutiny there are a few things you should avoid falling victim to. And some of them might take a little self-control.  read more »

The Ice Bucket Challenge


Charitable donations are getting a social boost.

If you’ve been on social media lately you might have noticed the multiple videos of people willingly pouring a bucket of ice cold water over their heads. It’s called the ice bucket challenge, started just months ago to raise money to fight ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. People can either dump a bucket of freezing water over their head or donate $100 to charity. In most cases people are doing both; then you challenge other people.  read more »