Social Media and Terrorism


With 140 characters or less Twitter is doing its part in the fight against terrorism.

Officials with the nonprofit Simon Wisenthal Center gave Twitter a grade of “B” when it came to fighting online activity by militant groups such as Isis. The review by the Jewish human rights organization was based on steps that Twitter had already taken and information the organization learned in face to face meetings.  read more »

Twitter's New Homepage


Twitter is giving its home page a more personal touch.

On Wednesday the social media company announced that it was making a change to the way it displays tweets on its homepage. Instead of displaying them in the order they are tweeted out, users will now see tweets customized to their individual tastes. But it's not all about trying to please the customer.  read more »

Twitter Outage


Twitter might only allow you 140 characters; but those characters are easily missed.

Earlier this week Twitter reported an outage in a handful of countries around the world. Many of its 300 million users woke up with a message citing the problem and assuring customers it was being worked on.  read more »

Artificial Intelligence


Mark Zuckerberg is looking to live like a super hero.

For his new year’s resolution the CEO of Facebook said he’s planning to build his own artificial intelligence assistant to help him around the house and at the office. He says it will be like JARVIS, the robotic butler in Marvel’s “Iron Man” and “Avengers” movies.

Zuckerberg says he will begin by teaching it skills such as understanding his voice to control functions that include lighting, temperature and music. Then he plans on kicking things up a notch. He says he plans to teach his robotic assistant to let friends in by looking at their faces when they ring the bell; and show it how to tell if anything unusual is going on in his daughter’s room.  read more »

Social Media Memories


2015 was a year of love and gratitude, and it was all expressed in 140 characters or less.

Twitter says the members of the boy band One Direction were responsible for half of the ten most circulated tweets, including the three most popular. One of those came from Harry Styles who tweeted quote "all the love always" when another member announced he was leaving the group. That message was seen, liked and shared by Styles' 26.3 million Twitter followers.

Coming in at number four was President Obama. On June 26th he marked the Supreme Court's decision on same sex marriage with a tweet reading quote "a big step in our march towards equality."  read more »

Social Snooping


Heads up social media sites, Uncle Sam now wants you.

This week California Senator Dianne Feinstein is expected to reintroduce legislation that would force social media operators such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to notify federal authorities of online terrorist activity. The recent attacks in San Bernardino and Paris have lawmakers concerned that people are using the sites to communicate. They also believe that social media is being used by terrorists to reach out and radicalize people who might be vulnerable to the idea.

Feinstein says the attack in San Bernardino was the largest on American soil since 9/11. She says this is a different age and we have different tools at our disposal to fight back against terror groups.  read more »

Breaking Up is Hard to Do


Breaking up is hard to do, so why not let Facebook do it for you?

Changing your relationship status can get a little complicated, especially when all your friends and followers can see it. So Facebook is now offering more options on how you handle your exes online.

Not only will Facebook notify the person when you want to change your status from in a relationship to single, it will now help you move on. Once you status changes, Facebook will send you a prompt for a new set of tools. They allow you to see less of your ex, and even limit the places you see news about them. Plus if you want to keep your new single life private it allows you to do that without notifying your ex-lover that they are being blocked. After all, there's no point rubbing salt in the wound.  read more »

A New Friend


Facebook has gained a powerful new friend.

The social media giant averages one billion users per day. Now it can add one more person to that list, President Barack Obama. The dad, husband and 44th president of the United States, according to his profile, is now an official user.

And for anyone thinking they'll just get the run of the mill PR posts think again. The page is not a campaign page or a white house run staff page. Instead it's an outlet for President Obama to be himself and talk directly to the people. So far his first post includes a video of himself taking a stroll through his very large and very impressive backyard. In the video he talks about squirrels, a fox named Lincoln and carbon emissions.  read more »

Facebook Notifications


It looks like Facebook is getting a little extra friendly.

The social media giant wants to become your first stop when you wake up in the morning and pick up your phone. A Facebook product manager says they've heard feedback that people want their important information all in one place. So the new notifications being rolled out includes information such as sports scores for your favorite teams, weather information and your friends' life events.

Things get even more elaborate if you have location history enabled in your Facebook app. Then you will be shown updates for local events, movies in nearby theaters and a list of restaurants they might be interested in.  read more »

Hack Attack


Facebook is helping you keep an eye on Uncle Sam.

The social media giant has launched a new feature that notifies users if their accounts are being targeted by government-sponsored hackers. The company's chief security officer says the company has a way to discover if an attacker is suspected of hacking on behalf of a nation or a state.  read more »