Binge Watching Facebook


Facebook wants to take your relationship to the next level from friend zone to your personal form of entertainment.

According to the Wall Street Journal Facebook is in talks with Hollywood to live stream original content on the site. In meetings with talent agencies the social media giant said it is willing to commit to production budgets as high as $3 million per episode.

Facebook says it wants to target audiences from ages 13 to 34 with a focus on the 17 to 30 range. It also wants to release episodes in a more traditional matter such as one a week instead of dropping an entire season like Netflix and Amazon do.  read more »

Fake News

fake news.jpg

During the presidential election Facebook came under fire for posting articles that might not have been completely accurate. Now the social media giant is working to restore its reputation.

Back in December Facebook promised to roll out a disputed tag that users could click on stories they questioned. That tag would then link to fact checking services that would then explain why the story was not true. This week the disputed tags began appearing.

One of the first stories flagged was about President Trump's android device being the source of reported White House leaks. But if you click the disputed tag it explains that the source of the story is the Seattle Tribune which is a news and entertainment satire website.  read more »

Making Plans With Facebook


First Facebook helped you connect with your friends, now it's making it easier to get the group out on the town.

It seems the older we get the more life gets in the way and the harder it is to schedule a time to meet up with your friends. And finding a time when you are all available is next to impossible. So, enter Facebook’s newest feature. Facebook Messenger now has a poll option that lets you and your friends vote on the plans for your next get together. So instead of phone calls or emails back and forth you can now vote on what you want to do.  read more »

Facebook At Work


It looks like the days of hiding how much you use Facebook at work could be numbered.

Facebook is working on a project called Facebook at work that could change the way we internally communicate with co-workers. It allows people to create a Facebook at work profile which can be used to keep in touch with co-workers, collaborate on a project and discuss topics in a group or private setting.  read more »

Social Security

social media.jpg

Israel wants to crack down on violent activities online and it's looking to social media sites to lead the way.

The Israeli government is targeting sites such as Facebook and Twitter for what it calls failing to remove posts that incite violence against the country. The government also says that Facebook is sabotaging the nation's police force by not helping to investigate potential suspects in the west bank.

Google and Twitter are also coming under fire for quote providing material support for ISIS and other terrorist groups. Lawsuits against the companies also claim that the failure to remove ISIS propaganda is a violation of U.S. anti-terrorist law.  read more »

Mandatory Friendship


A Utah business owner is trying to drum up more Facebook friends, but his methods might need a little work.

Residents at city park apartments in Salt Lake City say they recently returned home to a note on their door that explained a new term had been added to the lease. According to the document the new agreement makes it mandatory that all residents “friend” the complex on Facebook within the next few days of signing or they will be found in violation of the lease.  read more »

A Glimpse Around the World


Want to see the world? Facebook is offering you a free trip and all you need is a profile.

Facebook is now allowing users to check out what people all over the world are doing with its new live video map. It's available on the company's desktop site and shows you were people around the world are live streaming public videos.

So if someone is taking a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef you can go to. If you want to check out the weather in Portugal just click on a blue dot in your desired area. Each blue dot represents a streaming video, the bigger the dot the more viewers that person has. Hovering over a dot will show you its corresponding stream and shows you where else in the world people are watching from.  read more »

Allegations Against Facebook


Facebook is getting a little friendly with some of its biggest critics.

This week Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg met with prominent conservatives in the media. This comes after a former employee said the social networking site omitted conservative political stories from its list of trending stories. An allegation that anyone connected to those types of stories was unhappy to hear, especially when you consider the audience.  read more »

Oculus Rift


Oculus Rift might be the next big name in virtual reality; but you might want to take a closer look.

In 2012 the people behind the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset launched a Kickstarter program to raise money for its development. The launch was successful raising $2.5 million. Then in March of 2014 Oculus Rift was acquired by Facebook for $2 billion. Now it's on the market but according to Gizmodo the terms of service contract requires a thorough read and you might not be a fan of everything you're agreeing to.  read more »

Performance Over Privacy


Apple might be standing their ground when it comes to releasing information from its devices but that's not making fans feel any safer.

The tech giant has been in the headlines lately for refusing the FBI’s request to unlock a phone reportedly used by one of the suspects in the San Bernardino terror attacks. Apple says doing so would jeopardize the safety and privacy of all apple users. And while most people are applauding the decision it doesn't mean that apple is winning more fans.  read more »