Angel Investors


Hoping for a miracle? All it takes is the right angel.

While at the recent angel capitol expo held by the Keiretsu Fourm I spoke with landscape photographer Rodney Lough Jr. He is one of the best landscape photographers in the world and his San Francisco based gallery is doing so well, he needs to move into a bigger space. So he came to the Keiretsu Forum to address the largest association of angel investors with the hope that one will believe in his project. But despite having to pitch for investors money, Lough says it’s easy to get up and ask for something when you’re passionate about what you’re saying.  read more »

The Road Less Traveled

Ready to enter the work force; consider the road less traveled.

Marion Freijsen is the COO of San Francisco based EFactor.com. A company that provides guidance, financing and mentorship to entrepreneurs. A new career path she says is doing away with the common way of thinking.

“It used to be that the automatic process was that you go to school then you go find a great job and you stay there as long as possible and reap in the benefits of social security and what have you. I think people are beginning to see that that is no longer the case.”

Marion says the economy has made the business world less stable. With cutbacks and downsizing, landing a big time job isn’t the score it used to be.  read more »

The Efactor


Starting your own business? Flying solo doesn’t have to mean going at it alone.

I recently sat down with Adrie Reinders CEO of the San Francisco based company EFactor. A company designed with the entrepreneur in mind.

“EFactor is a social network or a platform for entrepreneurs where they can do business development, where they can find funding, find knowledge in the form of coaching and mentorship and cost saving.”

Reinders says the best tool they have to offer is mentorship. And in today’s world of social networks you can easily be connected with the right person. But first approach entrepreneurship with the right intentions and leave your doubts at the door.  read more »

The Entrepeneur


The future of the economy can be fantastic as long as the power of the entrepreneur is recognized.

That’s a theory from Bill Draper, one of the first west coast venture capitalists and author of “The Startup Game.” He says the entrepreneur has the ability to change the U.S. and the world’s economy. And he has the experience to back that thinking up. Draper has been successfully raising money for high tech companies such as Hotmail and Skype for almost fifty years, and says while the world of venture capitalism is now older, more sophisticated and eager its main player remains unchanged.

“The entrepreneur is still the same, wonderful ambitious passionate individual that I love.”  read more »

The Next Facebook


We have blasted into the 21st century. We can plan our day with a cell phone and connect to people on the other side of the world. But as ideas continue to evolve you must wonder what the next big idea will be.

From Microsoft to Apple to Facebook the world of computers evolves through the mind of the technologically savvy. Reuters has compiled a list of seven up and coming entrepeneurs to watch. First up is 19 year old Catherine Cook whose company, My Yearbook allows people to build and update their own digital yearbooks. Today the company has more than 9.8 million users and last year brought in over ten million dollars in sales.  read more »