A Ruined Resume


Sometimes words can hurt; especially when they’re on your resume.

Over the past few years employers have read hundreds of resumes from people desperately seeking a paycheck. And by the time they are halfway through the pile there are a few clichés, phrases and words that will do more harm than good.

To help you edit out unnecessary filler careerbuilder.com interviewed 1,300 managers at companies all across the country. Their feedback became a list of ten words or phrases that you should retire from your resume.  read more »

Happy Employees


People often complain about office life; but what would you give up for a few improvements?

According to a recently released survey about office life the average worker isn’t fond of extracurricular activities. These include office baby showers, costume parties or group photos. And when it comes to the option of working from home, most would give up free alcohol, coffee or lunch breaks for the chance to stay out of the office once a week.

Researchers with the study say this shows that companies will benefit more by being flexible and allowing people to work from anywhere. They say helping people combine their professional and personal lives can boost workplace morale and productivity.  read more »

Aiming For A Job


Looking for a job; there are some industries to set your sights on and others to pass right over.

For the past 18 months new positions have been added to the job market and things such as salaries and unemployment are heading back to pre-recession levels. While this news has many people readying their resumes; things are not always what they seem.  read more »

The Direct Approach


Looking for a job? The direct approach might not always be the best approach.

18-year-old Keion Sharp was trying to land himself a job when he ended up behind bars suspected of armed robbery. Recently sharp had applied for a job with brinks security. He says he had already filled out and turned in an application but still had a few questions about the day-to-day job duties. So he figured he would go straight to the source for information and knocked on the driver’s side window of a Brinks armored truck.

Unfortunately for Sharp the driver thought he was holding a gun and called the police. Sharp was arrested, questioned and searched for several hours before finally tasting freedom. Of course he did not have a gun just several copies of his job application.  read more »

Hoping For Change


The world was happy to wave goodbye to 2009 while hoping 2010 would bring down unemployment and pump up salaries. But what can you really expect from the new decade?

U.S. News & World Report has put together a list of four things we can expect from the business world. President Obama has said that the economy has been rescued but jobs are still being cut, so will the actions of the coming year speak louder than our Commander in Chief promises?  read more »

Avoiding the Job Scam


Financial experts and the Federal Reserve say the end is near when it comes to the recession. But millions of people are still looking for work and your job search might be doing you more harm than good.

There are currently 13 states with a double digit unemployment rate. And as these numbers get higher the threat of scams against job seekers also rises. The Better Business Bureau says with so many people out of work scammers have a bigger field of suckers to select from and as a person's financial situtation worsens the bigger a target they become.  read more »

Strategies for the Job Hunt

Unemployment is pushing ten percent. But don't let that discourage you from getting a good job.

The Governments latest unemployment numbers are certainly sobering. Four hundred thousand more jobs were lost in June alone. But Tom Musbach, Senior Editor at Yahoo Hot Jobs says it was encouraging that job losses are slowing when he compared the second quarter numbers to the first. But Musbach says that might not be enough to stop the march to a double digit unemployment rate.  read more »

Employees Wanted


While you may be feeling the pain of unemployment right now, there is hope on the horizon.

According to Yahoo Hot Jobs, in the next few years jobs will outstrip demand in some professions. So instead of spending hours locking down your next pay check why not find a career where the money comes looking for you? Yahoo Hot Jobs lists ten careers that within a few years are going to meet these criteria.

Wanted: you! 10 jobs where employers come looking for you

Written by Romy LeClaire Loran, findtherightschool.com, for Yahoo! Hot Jobs:  read more »

Preparing For The Worst

In this economy layoffs are becoming rampant but that doesn’t mean people are prepared for them.

It’s been a year of bad news for the U.S. economy and things have yet to turn around. Currently 6.7 percent of people are without work and thousands are applying for a handful of jobs. People in all industries from publishing to financing are being laid off. The big three automakers have announced they are slowing down production and temporarily laying-off all employees.

Camelia Lim is a regional Vice President at Robert half International who works to get people temporary or full time jobs. She says if you suspect a lay-off consider other options within the company.  read more »

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Sacrifices Will Be Made

It’s that time of year for celebrations and bonuses. But this year you shouldn’t get too excited.

With the country in recession sacrifices are being made everywhere. Families are cutting back on vacations, Christmas shopping is at its lowest level since the early 90’s and budgets are tight. Employers are also jumping on the sacrificial wagon, so you may be noticing more changes around the office.

So how do you deal with this in a professional way? Camelia Lim is a Vice President at staffing and consulting firm Robert Half International and says it’s all about your attitude.  read more »