Second Chances


Sent an email to soon; now you can retrieve it from cyberspace.

Ever sent an email then realized you spelled something wrong or included the wrong information? Maybe you were a little angry when you wrote it and later wished you could take it back. Now there is a saving grace for people who hit the send button a little too quickly.

It's called the “undo send” feature and lets you un-send an email for a short while. This allows you to make any corrections before the note actually goes through. The only downside is that so far it's only available for people with Gmail.

The feature has actually been around since 2009 but has been spending its time in the Google lab. But now it has been released much to the relief of everyone who types first and thinks about it later.  read more »



Can’t keep track of information; one company is clearing up your clutter.

“We want to be the definition of what productivity is for modern busy people.”

Phil Libin is CEO of Evernote. A Redwood City, California based business that takes everything from your email, to your personal notes to your pictures and stores them in one place. Libin says most people store information on their laptops or hand held gadgets. But that’s only useful if you enter it into the right place and then you still might forget where you put it. Libin says that practice is outdated and lowers a person’s productivity level.  read more »

Email Overload


Do you suffer from email overload? You're not alone.

People worldwide send out an estimated 182 billion emails a day, with too many addressed to you. Some are worthless, some are fishing for personal information and others sit there because you have no time to respond. Then you feel guilty for not keeping up.

Yahoo tech writer David Pogue feels your pain and has some great tips short of deleting everything. First, don't be a slave to email. Turn off that little chime that signals new email and drives you to distraction. Instead, check emails first thing in the morning, after lunch and at the end of the day. If it's that important people can call or text you.  read more »

Social Hour


Your job performance isn’t the only thing being closely watched at work.

Ever killed time during your 9 to 5 by sending personal emails, checking out the latest social sites or online shopping? Well your secret behavior might not be so secret.

A survey conducted last year found that over half of U.S. employees are monitoring what their employees do on their computers. And now a Yahoo tech blog is helping you find out if you are one of them and what you can do about it.  read more »

Viral Vacations


Hotels and resorts might need some upgrading because while people still want to get away, they don’t want to go that far.

Gone are the days of lounging on a beach and escaping it all. These days travelers want to stay plugged in and are using email, Facebook and Twitter to stay connected. Amelie Hurst works with the travel website, Trip Advisor and says for many travelers figuring out how to keep in touch with the mainland is as important as packing sun screen and swimwear. Hurst says in years gone by this was never a concern, with vacations going hand in hand with being disconnected from everyday life. But now everyone wants to plug in.  read more »

An Email Arrest


It’s foolish to commit a crime; it’s even more foolish to taunt the police leading the investigation. Especially when you can be traced.

A 19-year-old man robbed a bank in Roettingen, located in southern Germany. After getting away with the cash, he proceeded to send emails to the police and two local newspapers to point out some of the factual errors in the report of his crime.

According to the Daily Bild, the German bank robber scoffed at police for getting his age, height and accent wrong. He also took the time to point out that he had escaped in a car, and not on foot like police had reported. But his quest for the truth backfired. A police spokesman said his game of cat and mouse turned out all wrong when his email was traced.  read more »