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Going electric is going diesel.

Ian Wright, one of the co-founders of Tesla is now working to bring his technology to commercial trucks. His latest venture, Wrightspeed sells electric power trains that can be installed on medium and heavy duty commercial trucks.

The power trains make the trucks cleaner, quieter and more energy efficient. But while consumers are switching out their cars and going electric it's harder to break into an established market such as trucking. Experts say if you want to sell a fleet owner an electric truck you have to convince them that it's better, and cheaper than what's already being used.  read more »

The New Car Industry

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The future of the car industry is driving into Silicon Valley.

Following in the brake pads of Tesla and Google, Apple is rumored to start developing an electric car. According to various reports the company has developed a unit called Titan. Hundreds of staff members have reportedly been assigned to the unit and the target date for the car is 2020.

Of course Apple is not commenting but the plan puts the company in line with Tesla, the current king of the electric car and Google's self-driving car. Before the tech industry got behind the wheel the U.S. auto industry was rooted in Detroit. And the top three automakers; General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are taking the outside threat seriously.  read more »

Pedestrians vs. The Prius


Despite some recent safety setbacks Toyota has some good news for pedestrians; the Prius is getting a little louder.

Because the Prius runs mostly as an electric car the engine doesn’t give off much sound, especially if the car is traveling at a low rate of speed. This poses a problem for pedestrians, particularly the blind who complain they can’t hear the car coming. And a recent government safety study found that the Prius is twice as likely to be involved in a collision with a pedestrian as cars with conventional engines.  read more »