An Undead Education


In search of an out of this world education? You might want to head to Baltimore.

Students at the University of Baltimore have an unusual option when it comes to filling their class schedule. While the class name English 333 seems innocent enough, it’s the curriculum that might make it hard to sleep at night.  read more »

A Tough Lesson


Today's generation is driven by text messaging, gadgets and social networking. But with the twenty first century emphasis on technology, kids today need to be reminded of a few simple rules to financial and future success.

In his book "Dumbing Down Our Kids: Why American Children Feel Good About Themselves But Can't Read, Write or Add," Charles Sykes came up with a list of rules to prevent kids from thinking life will be easy and instead prepares them for the certain failures and tests they will face when leaving the nest.  read more »

Good Jobs in Bad Economy

It’s official. The country’s economy is in the toilet and chances are you or someone you know is looking for work. But where should your job hunt begin?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the professional and service categories with the most job openings in the coming year. It includes careers such as a scientist, health care worker and artist in the professional category. In the service sector police officers and caretakers will add about one million more jobs to the economy.  read more »

Is Gaming Good for Kids?

Remember the TV campaign a few years back that asked the question…”its four o’clock, do you know where your kids are”? Today that question may have a more predictable answer. They are probably ‘video-gaming’.

New research from the Pew Internet and American life project found that while America’s youth does not all play the same games, nearly all of them— girls included—play video games of one kind or another. A broad survey found 99 percent of boys and 94 percent of girls are ‘gamers’.  read more »

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