Happy Mother's Day


Its Mother’s Day weekend and this time we’re spending a little bit extra on that special someone.

According to the National Retail Federation Mother’s Day is the single biggest consumer holiday behind the winter holidays of Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza. And this year the gifts for mom will be a bit more extravagant as consumer confidence grows.

A recent consumer actions survey found that people will spend an average of $126.00 on a gift compared to last year’s average of $123.00. The total boost to the economy is expected to be $14.6 billion. Most of this money will come from flowers and experts say most of the shopping traffic will be in specialty stores like jewelers or boutiques. Last year most consumers hit up department stores hoping to save on the holiday sales.  read more »

The Power of Prayer


Sometimes it’s not about polling numbers, political parties or who gives the best speech. Sometimes the choice of who best to rule the country is in the power of prayer.  read more »

Hoping For Change


The world was happy to wave goodbye to 2009 while hoping 2010 would bring down unemployment and pump up salaries. But what can you really expect from the new decade?

U.S. News & World Report has put together a list of four things we can expect from the business world. President Obama has said that the economy has been rescued but jobs are still being cut, so will the actions of the coming year speak louder than our Commander in Chief promises?  read more »

Rudy Giuliani Criticizes President Obama and Wall Street

President Obama is well past his one hundred day mark. And while his personal approval ratings remain sky high, America's Mayor thinks his policies are not helping the economy.

While in New York City last week I met up with former New York Mayor and 2008 Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani. Over a long lunch, the Mayor admitted it is appropriate for President Obama to focus on fixing the economy. But he is taking on too many problems too quickly. And the billions being spent on bailouts could bankrupt future generations. Mr. Giuliani says the President's new policies might be more of a mistake than a solution.  read more »

Making and Saving Money Now


Ask once-poor people how they found riches, and many will tell you saving money instead of spending it did the trick. So here are some ideas I’ve gleaned from experts that can help you weather the economic storm.

Eat out for less:
Many restaurants are offering less expensive entrees. For example, Chili's, Texas Roadhouse, TGI Fridays, and Outback Steakhouse are offering entrees ranging between $7 and $10. Even upscale Morton’s steakhouse has a value deal.

Entertainment deals:  read more »

Turning a Profit

Millions of Americans are out of work. We’re in a recession and the government is busy bailing out big companies. So how can you turn all this bad news into a profit?

As a country America has been in even worse positions before and while it’s hard to predict when things will turn around there are actually some bright sides to consider. Investment analyst Ken Winans says with the fed pumping money into the economy and this new stimulus package in the works people might be able to find a little more money in their pockets. Winans says there is still profit in a recession.  read more »

Mistakes to Avoid in 2009

This is the time of year for resolutions. So what should you do to succeed in this tricky economic environment? More important, what past mistakes you should absolutely avoid?

Last year gave all of us a lesson in tough love. So how can we profit from the bad news to help us tackle the uncertain future. Ken Winans is an investment analyst and founder of Winans International and says that most people are still in shock and denial and are expecting the government to bail them out. But it’s not the government’s job to help people make ends meet. Winans says people need to face their own economic reality.  read more »

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Flying Private Not So Profitable


AvWeb, one of aviations leading independent aviation news sources, had this interesting article on its daily web site. It shows just how cyclical the aviation business is, and how it reflects the boom-bust cycles of our economy.

“The argument for business jets as essential tools for business may see some conflicts in tight economic times as businesses seeking to control costs are selling their jets and corporate jet brokers watch their inventories soar. Where manufacturers recently had waiting lists of people seeking positions on non-resalable deposit lists the trend has now reversed.  read more »

Sports is taking a big hit in this bogie economy

brian's big horn par.JPG

Golf courses, country clubs and golf equipment manufacturers all around the country are reporting losses. Not just in golf balls or bets lost by weekend golfers hoping their game shows up just in time to take a buck from their bosses. But in revenue that has suddenly dropped quicker than a handicap after a hole-in-one.

And the follow-through of this economic downturn is spreading throughout the sports world.  read more »

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Will President Obama be good for business?

Analysts are predicting that with a democrat in the White House companies that create solar and wind power and more fuel efficient cars will see more government support and financing. Despite opposing the war in Iraq, Obama knows the world is a dangerous place, so U-S defense contractors will still benefit, specifically companies with long term contracts building military hardware such as fighter jets, bombers and missiles.
But perhaps the biggest question for voters is how the new president will cure the sick economy. Analysts say that with Obama in the White House and a democratic majority in the Senate the pendulum will shift toward helping out bank customers, pressuring banks to renegotiate mortgages and curb or lower credit card fees.  read more »