Unwanted Gifts


Did you end up with a few Christmas gifts that aren't exactly you? Unwanted gifts are almost as much a part of the holidays as jingle bells. But you may be able to turn those unwanted gifts into cash.

According to past surveys done by the online auction site eBay, nearly 60% of Americans receive unwanted or un-needed gifts during the holidays. Returning it is one option, but can be difficult if you don't have a gift receipt. And re-gifting can be tacky and embarrassing if you get caught.

An increasingly popular option is to turn unwanted gifts into cash in a safe and anonymous way by place them up for sale on the internet. Buyers gain from this practice too, as sellers who paid nothing for the gift items are usually willing to let them go for highly discounted prices.  read more »

Technology Test Labs

test lab.png

Some of the country's biggest retailers are going after a new customer; technology.

Target, Kohl's and the home shopping network QVC are among the half dozen retailers that are opening up a new type of shop in Silicon Valley. Called technology test labs the idea is to improve a company's website and create mobile shopping apps.

Retailers say these labs will help them stay on top of the latest trends in the technological world and compete with online rivals such as Amazon and eBay. Plus they need to keep up with customers. According to the National Retail Federation people are spending more than half their time online shopping with smartphones, tablets and computers. And what better place to find people in touch with technology than Silicon Valley?  read more »

Instant Online Shopping


Overly excited about your online purchase; how about some instant gratification?

For any shoppers who hate waiting for their latest purchase to arrive eBay is launching a new service called eBay Now. The service promises same day delivery on any purchases made on the site. And in order to make sure this happens; the company made some changes to its online auction site.

Instead of bidding on a product from a random seller in a far off state eBay now connects buyers to stores in their area such as Target, Macys or Best Buy. Then you select and order the item you need and it is at your door step in as little as an hour.  read more »

A Religious Experience


Some people look to their church to find God, others to their family. And then there are those that look to their pantry.

Over the past few months E-Bay has seen its share of religious food items up for bid. A grilled cheese sandwich featuring the Virgin Mary sold for $28,000. A pretzel shaped like Mary holding the baby Jesus went for $10,000. And up next on the bidding block are potatoes featuring the cross.  read more »