Self-Driving Taxi


Dubai is testing out a new cab service and you're gonna need a strong stomach to hail a ride.

High above the city streets a one man self-driving hover taxi is preparing for an official launch this July. The Ehang 184 four can travel on a programmed course at 60 miles per hour at an altitude of 1,000 feet. Passengers just need to select a destination for the taxi to take off, fly the route and touch down again in the chosen spot.  read more »

Happy Countries


Dubai is trying to raise its ranking among the world's best cities; and it all starts with your happiness.

Dubai, already home to the world's tallest building is trying to break into the top ten of the world's happiest cities by 2021. And part of that effort includes a new survey that measures the happiness of the citizens.

Users can choose between a frown, a smile or an unimpressed straight line to relay their emotions. But here's the catch. If you choose the frown, obviously marking your displeasure, the police will call and ask you why. Something critics say is an attempt to scare people into submission and giving a false representation of the country.  read more »

Mall of the World


Minnesota's mall of America is about to get some extra-large competition.

The ruler of Dubai has laid out plans for a real estate project he is calling the Mall of the World. Besides all the best stores the eight million square foot mecca will also include a climate controlled street network, a theme park and hotels. Plus the sheik wants to make sure his mall offers visitors a taste of all the world's major cities. So the theater will be based on New York’s Broadway and the shops on London’s Oxford Street.

The mall of the world will be built in an area that already includes the mall of the emirates, the world's tallest tower and the Dubai mall. That mall is currently the emirate's largest with a dinosaur skeleton, aquarium and ice skating rink.  read more »

Your Weight in Gold


Dubai has a new diet plan; and it's worth your weight in gold.

To coincide with the holy month of Ramadan Dubai’s government is launching a 30 day weight loss challenge. During Ramadan people refrain from eating and drinking in the daytime hours. But when the sun sets people stuff their faces with traditional dishes loaded with fat and sugar.

So in order to counteract the calorie intake Dubai officials are offering people one gram of gold for every kilogram of weight they lose. In today's market that is about $42 for every 2.2 pounds dropped.

To participate people need to be overweight and willing to lose at least two kilograms. But they have to drop the pounds in a healthy manner and need to show up for a weigh in on the last day of the contest.  read more »

High Expectations


The world's tallest building recently opened in Dubai, and officials hope the landmark will help boost the countries struggling economy. If they can afford to clean the windows.

Australian based company Cox Gomyl has been hired to design and install window cleaning carousals for the buildings 24,000 windows. Window cleaning carousals that cost $7.3 million. Twelve machines will carry the brave window washers up and down the building as they tackle the three month process of cleaning the 2,700 foot tall monster.  read more »