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A Starring Role

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One Hollywood actress is trying out a new role, as businesswoman.

Drew Barrymore is a familiar face on the big screen. Now she's bringing her star power to another industry; wine. I recently sat down with Drew at the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival to discuss "Barrymore;" her personal Pinot Grigio white wine.

She says it's more than just a label with a celebrity name.

"I have a hand in everything I do; I don't do it well otherwise. So for better or for worse if you don't like things about the wine, I'm somewhat to blame for it."

To produce her wine, Barrymore teamed up with the Decordi family. People she says understand what goes into a successful product.  read more »

Drinking With Drew


Business has no boundaries; especially when it tastes good.

Actress Drew Barrymore has conquered the movie industry with a slew of hits beginning with ET when she was just six years old. Now at 38 she is taking her talent from the silver screen to the vineyard.

“I love wine and I have really romantic experiences and a lot of journeys with it, my friends and i have enjoyed it over many a dinner party.”

I recently spoke to the A-list actress about her new Pinot Grigio that she labeled with the Barrymore name. She says she has a hand in everything she puts her name on and doesn’t want people to assume this is another celebrity sponsored product.  read more »