donald trump

A Public Apology


It takes a big person to admit when you're wrong, especially when it happens on the national stage.

Back in November New Hampshire’s Union Leader newspaper endorsed New Jersey governor Chris Christie for president. Unfortunately despite the paper's backing Christie finished sixth in the New Hampshire primary and has since suspended his campaign. But that's not what has the paper's publisher apologizing for his mistake.

Over the weekend Christie endorsed current front runner Donald Trump, a move the Union Leader does not want any part of. When it first endorsed Christie the paper says he was a man who has dealt with issues such as natural disaster and prosecuted terrorists. The paper wrote that unlike other candidates Christie actually knows what he is talking about.  read more »

Bernie Sanders


The race for the White House is heating up, and some people are wearing their support on their sleeves, literally.

Before election 2016 really got underway it appeared the Democratic Party had an obvious candidate in Hillary Clinton. Now her campaign is feeling the burn, thanks to the competition out of Vermont in the form of Bernie Sanders.  read more »

Friends Who Like Trump

Want to test your friend's taste, there's a website for that.

Donald Trump is making headlines and eyes roll all across the world. Here at home he has a crowd of supporters and a group of people who can't believe what comes out of his mouth. And if you want to know who among your circle of friends is climbing on the trump bandwagon, enter

The site exists for one reason, to show which of your Facebook friends have “liked” the Donald on the social media site. When you click on the site it redirects you to a Facebook search feature that shows you what else your friends have liked. Unfortunately it won't show you which of your friends liked Trump as a joke, so reserve your judgement.  read more »

The Donald


He might be in the race for the white house, but Donald Trump is already winning the internet.

Ever since Trump threw his hat into the very full republican pool for president the internet, especially social media has been buzzing. So in order to see just how big a margin the Donald has online compared to his competitors Yahoo Tech took a look at the numbers.

First, Google Trend compared the world's two most famous Donald’s. One is Donald Trump, the other is Donald Duck. In this race, Donald the candidate won the showdown by a factor of more than twelve to one.  read more »

Expensive Worries


Money can't buy happiness; and apparently it won't purchase a worry free lifestyle either.

You would think the biggest problem of the world's richest people would where to vacation but it turns out no one is stress free. Unlike the rest of us worry they don't worry about money, so what's on their mind? To get to the bottom of those stress wrinkles the Huffington Post asked 12 of the richest and most influential people what worries them the most.  read more »

Election Drama


The rift between Donald Trump and the GOP presidential field is growing.

About two weeks ago the Donald stirred up trouble when he questioned John McCain’s war hero status by saying quote he prefers people who didn't get captured. Since then other republican candidates have spoken up and come to McCain’s aid. South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham went as far to call Trump “the world's biggest jackass” and now Trump is retaliating.

At a speech earlier this week Trump read Senator Graham's cell phone number out to a group of reporters. He said it might be an old number but give it a try and see what you get. Turns out it was the real deal, with a couple reporters trying it out and getting Senator Graham's voice mail.  read more »

The Ice Bucket Challenge


Charitable donations are getting a social boost.

If you’ve been on social media lately you might have noticed the multiple videos of people willingly pouring a bucket of ice cold water over their heads. It’s called the ice bucket challenge, started just months ago to raise money to fight ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. People can either dump a bucket of freezing water over their head or donate $100 to charity. In most cases people are doing both; then you challenge other people.  read more »

Taking on Trump


He might rule the boardroom but one woman says it's time to take on the Donald; in the courtroom.

87-year-old Jacqueline Goldberg is suing Donald Trump. She claims he pulled a bait and switch after she agreed to buy condos at the Trump International Hotel and Casino in Chicago.

In her testimony Goldberg said Trump convinced her to buy two condos at $1,000,000 a piece by promising to share the building's profits. Then in 2008 she learned that profit sharing would no longer be part of the deal. Goldberg says she was hesitant to take on the man whose catchphrase is “you're fired” but says someone had to stand up to him.  read more »

Traveling With Trump


If you think you travel in style; the Donald has 100 million reasons that trump you.

Earlier this summer Donald Trump took his new private Boeing 757 on her maiden voyage from New York to Washington, D.C. now he’s giving you an inside look at his $100 million plane. The 43 seat jet features a private bedroom, private bathroom, and boardroom and movie theater. And everything from the bathroom fixtures to the seat belts is 24 karat gold.  read more »