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Maple Match


Looking for love? What if your new relationship also came with an escape plan?

It looks like Donald Trump is going to be the republican candidate for president. And the news has everyone from liberals to members of his own party looking to jump ship. Now a Canadian website is looking to match any Americans who can’t handle potential President Trump with Canadians looking for love.  read more »

Donald Trump Elementary


It looks like Donald Trump might not have to spend few years in the oval office to get a building he doesn't own named after him.

In Austin, Texas there is an elementary school, currently named Robert E. Lee elementary. However last month the Texas school board voted to replace the confederate general as the school's name and the floor became open for new ideas. Now it looks like the republican front runner for president is also on top of the leader board for the school's new name.

According to the board Donald J. Trump elementary school is the most popular choice with 45 submissions out of the 240 received. Other popular namesakes in the running include “To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper Lee and singer Willie Nelson.  read more »

Trump Good For Media Business


No matter who wins the presidential election, there is already one big winner, the media.

Presidential candidates in this election cycle are expected to spend billions to buy your vote, setting an all time record for political spending. And a large portion of that money will be spent on advertising. And media executives credit candidate Donald Trump for "stoking the political fires." So whether or not Trump is good for the country, he is very good for the media.  read more »

A New Address


So far Donald Trump's run to the white house is staying on track; so what's your back up plan?

Every election season Americans threaten to move to a different country if a certain candidate is elected. And this year, it's no different. According to a recent Google search more than 316,000 people searched “move abroad if Trump is elected.” Hillary Clinton was close behind with 240,000 people searching for ways to jump ship followed by Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.  read more »

Hacking Donald Trump

Donald Trump might be leading the polls but his campaign strategy is about to be hacked.

The hacker collective Anonymous has declared a full on war on the presidential candidate. Earlier this week the group issued a declaration that read quote “we have been watching you for a long time and what we see is deeply disturbing. You don't stand for anything but your personal greed and power. This is a call to arms.” End quote.

The group went on and asked members to shut down Trump's websites, research and expose what he doesn't want the public to know. The group says it is going to dismantle his campaign and sabotage his brand. And it's a brand that Trump has spent years building and it's something that he stakes much of his presidential run on.  read more »

Candidates and Wall Street


As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are closer to winning their party nominations, Wall Street's reaction to their impact is anything but certain.

Because Wall Street hates uncertainty, this year's election is giving investors the jitters, big time. Businessman Donald Trump is bombastic; with claims he is the best candidate to bring jobs back to America and beef up military spending. But he is short on detail of just how he will do that without causing trade wars, higher taxes and bigger deficits.  read more »

A Presidential Catchphrase


The race to the white house is flush with one liners and thanks to a late night staple, Bernie Sanders has a new one.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently appeared on “Saturday Night Live” in a skit with Larry David where both portrayed characters trying to survive a shipwreck. When David compared Sanders ideas to socialism, Sanders responded quote “democratic socialism, huge difference.” But with his Brooklyn twang “huge” came out sounding like “yuge” and people are picking up on it.  read more »

Best President for Business


This is one of the most heated presidential elections in decades, with candidates all claiming they are best for the economy. Rhetoric or reality?

Truth can be elusive when candidates pander to voters with promises of a chicken in every pot. Never mind those promises could get them in hot water when its time to deliver. Right now each offers lower taxes, less regulation and more jobs to a skeptical public grown weary of empty rhetoric.  read more »

A Public Apology


It takes a big person to admit when you're wrong, especially when it happens on the national stage.

Back in November New Hampshire’s Union Leader newspaper endorsed New Jersey governor Chris Christie for president. Unfortunately despite the paper's backing Christie finished sixth in the New Hampshire primary and has since suspended his campaign. But that's not what has the paper's publisher apologizing for his mistake.

Over the weekend Christie endorsed current front runner Donald Trump, a move the Union Leader does not want any part of. When it first endorsed Christie the paper says he was a man who has dealt with issues such as natural disaster and prosecuted terrorists. The paper wrote that unlike other candidates Christie actually knows what he is talking about.  read more »

Bernie Sanders


The race for the White House is heating up, and some people are wearing their support on their sleeves, literally.

Before election 2016 really got underway it appeared the Democratic Party had an obvious candidate in Hillary Clinton. Now her campaign is feeling the burn, thanks to the competition out of Vermont in the form of Bernie Sanders.  read more »