Four Legged Weddings

dog wedding 1.png

It looks like puppy love is getting a lot more committed.

As Valentine’s Day approaches people are finding new ways to pamper their pooches. And in some cases that means finding them everlasting love. These days more people are holding weddings for their dogs; so much so that the trend is now being dubbed pup-nuptials and entrepreneurs are taking notice.

The owner of Hollywood Pet Parties says weddings are now becoming one of the most common events thrown for animals. And while the cost generally stays around $300, it can climb to as high as $6,000 plus. Like weddings that unite two people it all depends on attire, food and decorations.  read more »

Tech Savvy Dogs


Your favorite gadget is going to the dogs.

The London based business “City Dog” is taking the latest trend and teaching it to your four legged friend. For just under $250 you can have your dog trained in all things tech including how to take the all-important selfie.

The owner says for centuries man has been engaging dog in their interests. Man taught dog to hunt with him and guard his home. But these days man is interested in his device so the dog should be as well.  read more »

Going to the Dogs


There’s a new form of entertainment in the marketplace; and it’s going to the dogs.

Two months after its San Diego debut, DogTV is now stretching its legs. An executive for the advertising free programming says it is now available online and is headed for national distribution. Called the first channel of its kind, DogTV is designed for full time workers who worry about their four legged friends being left at home.

The channel is available around the clock and right now almost 500,000 homes in the San Diego area subscribe to it. And because of the positive response it’s now available online for $10 a month. Soon cable subscribers nationwide will be able to get it for five dollars a month.  read more »

Parties For Your Pet

dog party.jpg

The birthday business is booming, and it has unusual customers.

It’s time to celebrate your four legged friends; and nothing says you’re another year older like a big party. Lexi is a black and white Dachshund who just turned one. And to mark the occasion, she invited fifteen of her canine friends to her owner’s Manhattan apartment. There the dogs dined on cakes made of peanut butter and yogurt and miniature hot dogs. But if you’re not up to hosting so many animals in your home, consider an outside venue.  read more »

A Fur Friendly Ride


Japanese car maker Honda is releasing a new car on the market and it's going to the dogs.

At a recent New York City auto show Honda unveiled its new dog friendly car that will be available this fall. With the help of rescue dog Sammy, the company showed off the new version of its Element Utility Vechicle that comes complete with a dog bed in the trunk, built in water bowl, fan and for the less agile canines an easy entry ramp. Additional features include a paw logo on the side of the car and easy to wash seat covers. In the pictures posted Sammy can be seen modeling some of the car's highlights including the built in dog bed and the entry ramp.  read more »