China is re-interpreting their divorce laws and it’s looking pretty good for the ex-husband.

China’s top court recently changed the country’s divorce law saying that the spouse who bought the house before the marriage has the right to keep it after a split. In the past the property was usually divided between the two sides but the court says it is fair for each party to get back what they owned before the marriage but some people, specifically women disagree.  read more »

A Public Divorce


Heading for divorce court? You might want to remember that the next time you update your Facebook status.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reports that 81% of its members has used or faced evidence pulled from social networking sites like Linked In, My Space and Twitter. But when it comes to the best site for scandalous information, Facebook takes the top slot with 66% of lawyers retrieving most of their ammo from the site. Linda Lea Viken is President of the matrimonial lawyers group and says this type of evidence makes the cases very easy. Viken says she can’t believe some of the things clients are posting on Facebook.  read more »

A Divorce Fair


An increasing number of Italian couples are calling it quits and now there’s an event catering to the soon to be single.

Earlier this week Italy held its first divorce fair aimed at helping divorced couples start a new and happy life. Franco Zanetti is the organizer of the fair says smiling and acceptance are key factors to the fair which also offers serious, practical advice for what can often be a dramatic situation. Fair goers can find a little help in areas like planning the divorce, anti-stalking help, financial advice and tips for creating your newly single look.  read more »

Registering For Divorce


It's not uncommon to register for everything you need to start a life together. But a new business venture will allow you to register for your life apart.

British department store Debenhams has created a gift list for anyone going through a divorce. According to the Office for National Statistics 45% of British marriages will end in divorce and Debenhams will make sure you're ready if I do becomes I don't.  read more »

Recession Hits Divorce Lawyers


While the recession may be forcing you to shed your expenses and life style, it seems one thing you may not wish to shed right now, is your spouse.

According to a recent London study, fewer British couples are filing for divorce. And it’s for two main reasons. The huge drop in property values is making it much harder to sell a house. And the credit crunch kills any couples desire to fund a separate household.

The survey, published by Grant Thornton accountants, showed that almost half of all divorce lawyers polled believe the financial squeeze will continue to produce a slumping divorce rate. The study further showed that the number of people getting divorced in the UK is currently at its lowest rate in twenty six years.  read more »