Facial Expressions


Disney wants to know if you like its movies; and it’s using your facial expressions to figure it out.

Earlier this week Disney announced that is experimenting with an artificial intelligence that tracks a person's emotional response to a movie. The company's research branch developed neural networks that can tell a person's reaction based on how their face moves. The tests were conducted in screenings of movies such as “Big Hero 6,” “The Jungle Book” and “Star Wars.”  read more »

The Magic Kingdom


Turns out the happiest place on earth might not be very friendly for employees.

Over the past couple week’s employees at Disney theme parks have been sharing some of their backstage secrets. And it turns out, the magic kingdom might not be all rainbows and butterflies. One of the most common complaints among employees is the strict dress code. They say you can't have tattoos, piercings or anything that shows individuality.  read more »

Movie Magic


The force is strong with Star Wars fans, and it's paying off for the movie studio.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the long awaited seventh episode in the franchise was released December 18th. And in a universe where fewer people are going to the movies and streaming services such as Netflix are king, the rebels are striking back.

In its opening weekend star wars brought in $517 million. That number smashes previous ticket sales records, even after you account for inflation. It was also the largest opening weekend for North America with $238 million in sales. Star Wars fans say they had waited years for episode seven to come out and it looks like movies studios are hoping to cash in on that type of nostalgia.  read more »

Disney's Tough Love


The happiest place on earth is getting tough with tourists.

The list just keeps on growing. First it was Rome’s Colosseum, then the Smithsonian and the Louvre; now Disney has added the magic kingdom to the growing number of places that are banning selfie sticks.

The entertainment company is placing anti selfie sticks around its parks and having staff enforce the ban. Before you take off on your next ride the person running it might remind you to keep any selfie sticks safely stashed. The ban comes after tourists thought it would be a good idea to use the picture taking accessory when the ride was in motion. In one case Thunder Mountain Railroad had to be stopped numerous times because of selfie stick use.  read more »



While most of the attention is focused on the Apple tree, another tech company is quietly making its move.

I recently sat down with John Chen, CEO of Blackberry about the direction the company is going since he took over less than two years ago.

“Yea I’ve been there, this is 17 months we came in to turn around company, and we have a 2 year turnaround plan so we’re right in the middle of it.”  read more »

Happily Ever After


Your wedding day is your very own fantasy, and now you can officially dress the part.

Since its release Disney’s “Frozen” has taken the world by a very cold storm. From themed birthday parties to Halloween costumes everyone is looking to get a little animated. And now brides to be are also getting the chance.

Disney has teamed up with Alfred Angelo Bridal to design a dress modeled after the one worn by Queen Elsa in the hit movie. The strapless gown has a sweetheart neckline and extensive bead work. And in true form to the movie's character the color of the dress is ice blue and features a long train. The gown will be part of the designer's 2015 Disney fairy tail weddings collection.  read more »

Holiday Shopping


Tis the season to give a gift; and some are going over better than others.

According to the National Retail Federation requests for gift cards are up this year. It says six in ten people surveyed said they would like to receive a gift card over something more personal. This is up from last year’s 57.7%.

But that doesn’t mean that every gift card will be a hit. According to Investopedia not all gift cards are created equal; and your kind gesture could become a headache for the recipient. So to help you whittle away your shopping list with some success Investopedia has narrowed down the three best and worst gift cards on the market.  read more »