A Diamond's History


Diamonds are forever and so is their history.

Marc Fink is CEO and chairman of Fink's Jewelers. I recently spoke with him about the issue of conflict diamonds and online sales. Conflict diamonds are mined in war zones and sold to finance a warlord's activity. Fink says all reputable jewelers are part of the Kimberly Process which requires every person in the supply chain to certify their diamonds conflict free. A process that will be notified in a customer's invoice. Fink says a reputable jewelry store is always a safe bet but today a lot of people are going online.  read more »

The Diamond Business


The economy is improving, and the evidence is in the accessories.

Marc Fink is CEO and Chairman of Fink's Jewelers which currently has 15 locations on the East Coast. He says the sale of diamonds and jewelry is on the uptick, which means a lot of competition for him and a lot of choices for you.

“I'd say the most important thing is to deal with people that you think are reputable, that have been in business for a long time, that you can trust, that have a good reputation in your community, people that look you in the eye, people that sell quality brands.”

Fink says with so many ways to buy jewelry, profit margins in the industry have shrunk over the past twenty five years to keep up with competition. But more stones on the market does not mean all quality is the same.  read more »

The Diamond Heist


It was a crime made for the movies and it had a lot of starring roles.

A few months ago I told you about a $50 million diamond heist pulled off at Brussels airport. But it was a short lived victory. Just a couple days ago a Belgium prosecutor said police had carried out raids and detained thirty three people in three countries in connection with the robbery. He said one person was detained in France, eight in Switzerland and 24 in Belgium.

In addition to the arrests money and diamonds were also recovered. The money in Belgium and the diamonds in Switzerland; so far prosecutors have not said exactly how much of the stolen loot was recovered.  read more »

A Million Dollar Sparkley


$38 million burning a hole in your pocket? Finally something you can spend it on.

The auctioneers house Sotheby’s is putting a rare pink diamond ring on the auction block next month and calling it one of the world’s most desirable stones. The 24 carat fancy pink intense diamond comes from a private collection and hasn’t been on the market for about 60 when it was sold by jeweler Harry Winston.  read more »

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