Packing Light


Feel like the airlines are flying off with your hard earned money? You could be right.

You may hate arriving at the airline ticket counter only to find out your luggage isn’t going to land safely unless you shell out more money. But the airlines love it; in fact some say those extra fees are the only revenue they’re bringing in.

Last year the airlines made $3.4 billion in baggage fees. This is up 29% from last year. A small consolation for airlines when you consider the price of jet fuel has climbed 39% since last year. And as the cost for them to fly rises; so does the cost for your seat.  read more »

Buckle Up For Summer Turbulence


Millions of families and friends are now going through that daunting springtime task of making travel plans for summer vacation. I wish us all good luck, and pray for patience. It’s bad out there.

After spending an hour on-line checking flights with various carriers to cities in Europe, I called Delta to get some personal one-on-one help to explain the complicated advanced fare options. After a five minute wait, then a fifteen minute conversation, I made the mistake of saying, “But your website shows a non-stop flight from San Francisco to Amsterdam”.  read more »