Evading Capture


Trying to avoid paying back your debt? Become a different person.

Last month representatives from more than 300 Chinese cities promised to make more credit available to consumers. This is part of the country's effort to find more sources of economic growth and reduce dependence on industry and infrastructure heavy investments. Unfortunately the idea comes with a few setbacks.  read more »

Seven Deadly Credit Card Sins


When it comes to credit; are you a sinner or a saint?

Credit cards can be a good or bad depending on how you use and abuse them. If you stash it away for emergencies and pay the balance off every month it can be an asset. But if you’re wearing out the magnetic strip you could already be lost to the dark side.

To help keep the creditors off your back MSN Money has come up with the seven deadly credit cards sins you should avoid. This includes lust by applying for too much credit, greed by taking out a cash advance or gluttony which is bumping up against your credit limit.  read more »

Read Off Your Debt


New York City’s public library is letting kids pay overdue book fines by doing the one thing that caused the trouble in the first place.

Beginning next week kids enrolled in the summer reading program can knock one dollar of their bill for every 15 minutes they spend nose deep in a book. Jack Martin is the library’s Assistant Director. He says kids are using the library more than ever because their parents can’t afford new books or need to spend that money elsewhere.  read more »

Economic Survival Guide

Bookshelves are filled with self help books. How to lose weight. How to have confidence and now the one we all need, how to get your money back.

Ali Velshi is the Chief Business Correspondent for CNN, host of "Your $$$$" and has now an author. His first book “Gimme My Money Back: Your Guide to Beating the Financial Crisis.” is on the shelves and it's a book Velshi says you can read in a few hours and finish feeling like an investor. Velshi says the recession has taught us the dangers of overspending and when the recession ends this is a lesson we shouldn’t forget.

“Life is not going to be like it was before. We have been over consumers for decades. We as a country consume more than we produce, we as individuals consume more than we produce, we buy too much on credit.”  read more »