david daly

Rebuilding Ireland


Economy's all over the world are trying to re-build; and one country is cutting out the tools needed to do just that.

David Daly is a commercial and residential real estate developer in London and Ireland. I recently talked to him about the state of the housing industry in Ireland. He says the government has done away with the construction industry and any property available is being sold off to the highest bidder.

“House building in Ireland is nonexistent, effectively nonexistent even though there is a market for house building especially in the greater Dublin area so until that becomes priority I’m afraid the Irish economy is going to have its hands out to the European governments and to Germany for the next 10 years.”  read more »

England VS Ireland


As countries around the world continue to dig out of the recession; some are a lot closer to the light then others.

On a recent trip to Paris I spoke with commercial and residential real estate developer David Daly. Daly does business in Ireland and London and says there is a glaring difference between the two governments; the construction industry.

“The English government has taken a different view about construction they've decided that they see construction as being an inherent part of recovery of their economy and they have removed social and affordable housing from their house building programs.”

Daly says that means builders can sell off 100% of inventory instead of just 60.  read more »

Sharing the Recession


The recession might be hitting all of us hard here at home. But at least we’re not alone in our struggles.

On a recent trip to Ireland I had a chance to talk with David Daly, a well known Dublin Developer for Albany Homes. Real estate values in Ireland have taken as big a hit as in the U.S. And just as here, the economic collapse has forced Ireland to dramatically cut public spending and raise taxes. Banks are under water. Unemployment is above 13% and there is no rapid turnaround in sight. Daly says they have only themselves to blame for overbuilding. Daly says the money was spent as fast as it was coming in but the boom is over. And Daly says we have yet to learn, in Ireland and in America.  read more »