Love at First Whiff


Who needs love at first sight, when you can pick a partner based on their scent?

Love at First Whiff is a New York matchmaking service that promises to help single people sniff out their perfect match by sticking their noses in a bunch of dirty t-shirts. The smell dating idea was created by an artist from New York’s School for Poetic Competition and a researcher from New York University.

They began by shipping t-shirts to their first 100 clients. Those people then wore the shirt for three days without bathing then mailed it back to the service's so -called sweat shop. Those t-shirts were then cut into swatches and mailed back out to the 100 guinea pigs to see if a certain scent peaked anyone's interest. Then if two people like the way each other smells a match is made.  read more »

Invisible Love


Tired of looking for love? Now you can create it.

Earlier this week a new app launched called invisible boyfriend; or invisible girlfriend. For a monthly fee of just under $25 you can create your partner’s photo, name, interests and a story about how the two of you met. Then over the course of the next four weeks your fake boyfriend or girlfriend will send you 100 text messages, 10 voice mails and one postcard.  read more »

Relationship Not


Not sure how to tell your best friend that their latest relationship is going nowhere; there's an app for that.

When your friend meets someone new and you think they're a dud what do you do? Keep your mouth shut and you feel like a bad friend. Voice your opinion and chances are they won't listen to you and it might solidify the dreaded bond even more.

Well now you have the chance to voice your opinion without actually voicing it. The app “Forever Not” lets you anonymously vote on the chances of a couple's relationship. Then it lets them see the results without letting them know who said what.  read more »

Online Dating


Love is in the air; but you might have to go online to find it.

It seems that the ability to look online for love is shedding it's negative image of desperation and becoming more socially acceptable.

According to a study by the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project 59% of American internet users think online dating is a good way to meet people. And 38% of Americans who are single and actively looking say they have used a dating site or app to find that special someone. Of that group 11% of people currently in a long term relationship say they met their partner online.  read more »