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Online Shopping Sales

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The biggest shopping weekend of the year has come and gone and records were broken at the swipe of a screen.

According to Adobe this past Cyber Monday was the biggest online sales day in history with sales totaling just over $3 billion. A 12.1% increase from last year. And Black Friday wasn't far behind but it wasn't the brick and mortar stores racking up the sales. Instead once again people took to their computers, phones or tablets and online shopped their way to $3.4 billion dollars in sales. About $2 billion more than was brought in on Thanksgiving. And of all those numbers most of the shopping was done on phones.  read more »

Holiday Shopping Horror


It's the biggest holiday shopping weekend of the year, and if you're hating the long lines and crowds just remember things aren't so hot for the people on the other side of the counter either.

Black Friday, small business Saturday and cyber Monday are really just the beginning for the season. For the next month people will be frantically hitting the stores to snatch up the must have items for their loved ones. And while it can be a pain to deal with your fellow shoppers, think about the retail workers.  read more »

Holiday Shopping


We’re a week away from black Friday and stores are doing everything they can to get shoppers offline and in the store.

To satisfy people looking for the best deal Wal-Mart executives are telling store managers to price match Amazon and other online retailers. This is an extension of the company’s ad match program which allows customers to bring in ads from other stores.

If the competitor is offering a lower price, Wal-Mart will match that. But now with people heading online to complete their holiday shopping Wal-Mart is getting more aggressive. According to Forbes magazine this could also help Wal-Mart get on top of another shopping trend that’s stealing business.  read more »

Holiday Shopping


It's expected to be the biggest shopping weekend of the year. But this time around Black Friday had a little competition from Cyber Monday.

It's holiday tradition for retailers to open their doors in the early morning hours after thanksgiving. This year you barely had time to digest dinner before stores were open for business. But the early start wasn't a hit with die hard shoppers.

The numbers show that spending declined on Black Friday for the first time since 2009. Sales were down 13.2% from last year with foot traffic down 11.4%. But that doesn't mean people aren't spending money; it just means they would rather do it from the comfort of their couch.  read more »

Cyber Monday-- Tips to Avoid Identity Theft this Holiday Season

Monday, December 1st is “cyber Monday” a day coined by retailers as the biggest online shopping day of the year. And despite the shaky economy analysts are predicting a spike in sales. According to the Wall Street Journal marketing executives are anticipating sales to grow 2.4% from last year. They are also expecting an increase in the purchase of gift cards.

But while the surge in spending is good news for retailers there are still some warnings for online shoppers. According to the Federal Trade Commission, last year consumers reported $1.2 billion dollars of losses from identity theft and fraud.

In order to protect yourself Life Lock, a company working to stop identity theft, has compiled this list of suggestions to keep your bank accounts safe this season.  read more »