Safety Tips


Everyone worries about personal safety and the biggest threats are closer than you think.

Nick Montano is a licensed private investigator. I recently talked to him about how your everyday items can cost you everything. For example don’t put your home address into your GPS system. If someone steals your car they have a direct link to your home and already know that you’re not there. Montano says your address should not be so easily accessible.

“If people don’t know where they live they shouldn’t be driving a car. You don’t need to have your home address in your GPS if you can’t find your way home you should walk.”

Montano says you should also password protect your cell phones and avoid putting a hold on your mail for vacations.  read more »

An Email Arrest


It’s foolish to commit a crime; it’s even more foolish to taunt the police leading the investigation. Especially when you can be traced.

A 19-year-old man robbed a bank in Roettingen, located in southern Germany. After getting away with the cash, he proceeded to send emails to the police and two local newspapers to point out some of the factual errors in the report of his crime.

According to the Daily Bild, the German bank robber scoffed at police for getting his age, height and accent wrong. He also took the time to point out that he had escaped in a car, and not on foot like police had reported. But his quest for the truth backfired. A police spokesman said his game of cat and mouse turned out all wrong when his email was traced.  read more »

Creative Criminals


People might be getting desperate for a little extra money, but they’re also getting creative.

There’s been a surge of bank robberies around the country and they’re gaining attention not for the amount of money stolen, but for the disguises chosen. Earlier this week police in New York arrested the bouquet bandit.

Forty four year old Edward Pemberton is accused of robbing two banks with a bunch of flowers and a potted plant. Police say he would pull out notes from his flowers demanding money and hand it to bank tellers. And while New York police may have put a stop to his crime spree after he left his flowers at the last bank, they are still on the lookout for the person who robbed a bank wearing a Darth Vader mask and cape from the movie star wars.  read more »

Justice Served

evelyn border.jpg

As Americans we put our faith in the justice system to determine innocence and to punish those guilty of doing wrong. But sometimes there’s nothing more effective than public humiliation as a way to pay for the crime.

A judge in Bedford, Pennsylvania sentenced a woman and her daughter to some sidewalk sitting instead of jail time. The only catch was they had to hold up a sign broadcasting their crime for everyone who drove by to see.

Fifty six year old Evelyn border and her thirty five year old daughter Tina Griekspoor were sentenced to sit for fourty one and a half hours outside the courtroom with a sign that read “I stole from a nine year old girl on her birthday! Don’t steal or this could happen to you.”  read more »

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