credit cards

Disappearing Cash


It’s getting a lot harder to borrow a dollar.

According to the financial analysis company nearly one in ten Americans don’t carry cash. Forty nine percent says they carry less than twenty dollars a day and almost 78% carry less than fifty.

Financial analysts say these days we have credit cards, debit cards even apps to let us pay the bill. And the convenience of technology has made carrying around cold hard cash a thing of the past. Plus not only is it easier to go plastic it’s also practical. Analysts say cash makes you an easy target for thieves and if you lose it it’s gone.  read more »

Consumer Complaints


Have a financial complaint; now there’s an outlet for your emotions.

Earlier this week an online database was launched by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Designed as an outlet for consumers it allows you to log a complaint about credit card companies. It will also disclose how the bank or card issuer handled the complaint but will not reveal any information about the people who wrote them. And the venting won’t end there. Soon the site will expand to include grievances over mortgages and student loans.

The director of the consumer bureau says by making the information available he hopes to improve the efficiency of the market. He says this is the first time the public will see individual complaints on credit cards.  read more »

Seven Deadly Credit Card Sins


When it comes to credit; are you a sinner or a saint?

Credit cards can be a good or bad depending on how you use and abuse them. If you stash it away for emergencies and pay the balance off every month it can be an asset. But if you’re wearing out the magnetic strip you could already be lost to the dark side.

To help keep the creditors off your back MSN Money has come up with the seven deadly credit cards sins you should avoid. This includes lust by applying for too much credit, greed by taking out a cash advance or gluttony which is bumping up against your credit limit.  read more »

Safe Credit


Who says too many credit cards is a bad thing?

A wallet stuffed with twenty cards saved a German bouncer from being stabbed by an unruly bar patron. Police say a customer was ejected from the pub for having one too many drinks. Unhappy with this, the customer stabbed the 31 year old bouncer four times in the chest. But the bouncer’s fat wallet that he keeps in his breast pocket saved him from getting pierced by the knife. An inspector on the case says the wallet and cards acted as a protective vest and prevented a more serious incident.  read more »