cost of college

A College Degree

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Sometimes a higher education doesn't just mean a college degree.

I recently spoke with Father John Stack, the vice president for student life at Villanova University. He says the state of the economy weighs heavily on his student's mind but he wants them to remember there is more to life than a hefty paycheck.

“As a priest I’m on the other end of things. I’m confident they’ll get a job. I try to get them concerned with people who are less fortunate than they are and to have good ethical values no matter what kind of business they’re in.”

Right now going to college can hit the six figure mark, and Father Stack says part of the problem is the number of people involved.  read more »

Free Tuition


Heading off to college but can't afford the price tag? Turns out all you really need is a plane ticket.

Recently lower Saxony became the final state in Germany to abolish tuition at a public university. That means that it is now free to get a higher education at any school that is not privately owned. And the unlikely price tag isn't just for students of the mother land. Anyone, even international students can attend school in Germany without paying a dime.

But before you consider shipping off your new high school graduate there are a few things to consider. According to business insider college life in Germany is different than what you find here.  read more »

The Cost of Graduation


It's graduation season and most students are leaving with a lot more than a degree.

The cost of college is at a record high and the majority of students will graduate with some type of debt. Unless you find a way around it.

Olivia is a 22-year-old communications major at Cornell University. In two years she will graduate with a zero balance. When college time started rolling around Olivia and her single mother Claudia began searching for a way to do it on the cheap. That meant saying goodbye to universities that were out of state or did not offer enough financial aid. That led them to Cornell which has a $5 billion endowment for financial aid.  read more »