computer hackers

Weight Loss Hackers


Hackers are looking for a way into your computer; and they're going through your insecurity.

According to a survey conducted by Intel security about 88% of consumers have clicked on an ad for some kind of diet or fitness program. The survey of 15,000 people between 21 and 54 also found that 30% had purchased something from those ads without knowing whether or not it’s a secure site. Experts say this is like buying pills from a person on the street corner without knowing what they are.

They say cyber criminals are getting smart and know that before summer hits people are looking to drop the extra pounds they picked up over the past few months. So it's pretty common to see more ads and emails promising a quick way to slim down.  read more »

Hacking Facebook


Facebook wants to be hacked; and they’re going to pay you to do it.

Under its new bug bounty, Facebook is inviting professional security researchers and hackers to send the company details about any vulnerable areas. And if you find something Facebook will make it worth your while. So far the company has paid out more than $40,000 to people who have found some weak spots.

Facebook’s chief security officer says one person was given a $5,000 bounty for one exceptional report. Another person has earned more than $7,000 for flagging down six different issues. People from more than sixteen countries have successfully submitted bounty bugs. And Facebook is now keeping a public thank you list in recognition of their efforts.  read more »

Operation Payback


Forget women, hell hath no fury like a computer hacker scorned.

Supporters of the website Wikileaks are going after perceived enemies of founder Julian Assange by attacking company websites. So far their targets include Swedish prosecutors, the Swedish lawyer whose clients accused Assange of sexual crimes and the Swiss authority that froze his bank account. MasterCard is also reporting that their website is sluggish and experiencing heavy traffic after pulling the plug on its relationship with Wikileaks.  read more »