College Perks


The school year is in full swing and for some college students it might be a little more play than work.

These days it's not just about the academic reputation or athletic program of a university that is enticing students. Instead campus amenities are becoming something people are taking into consideration and colleges are now competing to see who can offer more.

But it's not just about the size of a library or the cafeteria food. According to MSN Money colleges are taking unusual and even slightly ridiculous steps to make sure you and your tuition money sign up. For example the University of Michigan has created designated napping areas for students in the library. The stations offer cots for a period of thirty minutes plus lockers for students to stash their belongings.  read more »

A College Degree

college 2.png

Sometimes a higher education doesn't just mean a college degree.

I recently spoke with Father John Stack, the vice president for student life at Villanova University. He says the state of the economy weighs heavily on his student's mind but he wants them to remember there is more to life than a hefty paycheck.

“As a priest I’m on the other end of things. I’m confident they’ll get a job. I try to get them concerned with people who are less fortunate than they are and to have good ethical values no matter what kind of business they’re in.”

Right now going to college can hit the six figure mark, and Father Stack says part of the problem is the number of people involved.  read more »

Pocket Points


Want your college student to make the most out of their education? There's an app for that.

For most students, their smartphones provides them with all the tools necessary to ignore every word their professors say. Something that doesn't pan out to well when it comes to midterms and finals. Now an app called “Pocket Points” is trying to change that with an incentive that every broke college student can appreciate, money.

Students open the app when the class begins, lock their phones and set them aside. The app starts amassing points depending on how long the phone is locked, and those points can be chased in at nearby businesses.  read more »

Free Tuition


Heading off to college but can't afford the price tag? Turns out all you really need is a plane ticket.

Recently lower Saxony became the final state in Germany to abolish tuition at a public university. That means that it is now free to get a higher education at any school that is not privately owned. And the unlikely price tag isn't just for students of the mother land. Anyone, even international students can attend school in Germany without paying a dime.

But before you consider shipping off your new high school graduate there are a few things to consider. According to business insider college life in Germany is different than what you find here.  read more »

A Gap Year


College is expensive; unless it's paying you.

A new program at colleges and universities across the country is paying students to take a year off after high school to travel, volunteer or do internships. Known in Europe as a “gap year” school officials say it gives students the chance to explore different parts of the world and challenge their comfort zones before jumping into college.

And in order to help cash strapped students afford the chance of a lifetime schools are offering them up to $30,000 or more in plane tickets, housing and visas. Others have set a price limit on cost or don't include things such as airfare for travel or housing for internships.  read more »

Majoring in Money


It’s graduation season and for high school seniors your next step could determine your pay check.

There’s a lot that goes into picking a college major; and if you’re still on the fence consider the side with a few extra bucks. According to the latest survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers the average starting salary for a class of 2012 graduate is just over $40,000 a year.

To help you stay on the higher side of the curve has put together a list of the highest paying college majors. Plus they’ve included a percent of change between 2011 and 2012 so you can see how much they could fluctuate.  read more »

A Happy Campus


When it comes to college life some campuses are happier than others.

Newsweek magazine has crunched the numbers and come up with a list of the 25 happiest schools in America. The results are based on responses to six categories. These include dining, housing and nightlife. The magazine also took into account the number of sunny days per year, the student teacher ratio and the amount of debt students graduate with.

And while a degree from some of these schools can have you in the red for years to come; they were able to save face with high points in areas such as nightlife and sunny days. But the price of college tuition is on the rise.  read more »

College Alternatives


Looking for an alternative to college? How about eight of them.

Last year hedge fund manager and author James Altucher discussed his theory that sending kids to college is a bad idea. His ideas were broadcast on Yahoo’s Tech Ticker and quickly became the most controversial topic of 2010. So to deal with the uproar from parents and students Altucher has come up with eight alternatives to college. And his ideas might be warranted.  read more »

The Hangover Helpers


Aspirin and water just not cutting it? Two college graduates might have the cure for your next morning after.

College students are notorious for their wild parties fueled by excessive amounts of anything found in a bottle, keg, can or blender. But sometimes the night before gets a little out of hand and you need some assistance to make it through the following day. Enter the Hangover Helpers.

When the mess is overwhelming and the room is still spinning University of Colorado graduates Marc Simons and Alex Vere-Nicoll will come to your aid. Simons started the company about a year ago by cleaning up party houses to make some extra cash. He discovered a need for his services and his business was born.  read more »

An Indecent Proposal


One Dutch company is in hot water with local universities for offering incoming freshmen a way to earn some extra money.

A number of the universities are considering legal action against Mediadam BV which publishes a move-in guide for freshmen. The problem with this year’s guide, is that along with tips on surviving college and lists of things you need is a risqué job offer. A job offer to earn money by engaging in sexual activities in front of a web cam.

Leidan University has released a statement on its website condemning the guide. The university also assures parents they had nothing to do with the job post and will be looking into further action against the company. Two other universities have since released similar statements.  read more »