Cyber Security


The world of cyber space is getting its own police department.

Following the recent hackings into Sony, Anthem, Target and of course the U.S. government the Obama administration is taking action. Earlier this week it announced the creation of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center. Its job will be to connect the dots between various cyber threats to the country so that affected agencies are notified as quickly as possible and can take action.  read more »

Area 51


The truth is out there; and we're getting closer to it.

For the first time the CIA is acknowledging the existence of Area 51. A few days ago the super-secret organization released documents that refer to the famed base by name, describes some of the aviation activities that took place there and pinpointed its location on a map.

The documents were requested in 2005 by a senior fellow with George Washington University’s National Security Archive. He says the first time he requested them, parts were missing but this time everything about Area 51 was right there in print. But conspiracy theorists are buzzing because some of the documents still show signs of being altered. And that could mean missing information about aliens on our planet and recovered UFO's.  read more »

Inside the Spy World


Want to know how 007 did it? Here’s your chance to pull back the curtain.

“Spy: The Secret World of Espionage” exhibit is now open at New York’s discovery time square. It includes hundreds of artifacts from the top secret vaults of the FBI, CIA and National Reconnaissance Office. It’s also the first exhibit of its kind to be sanctioned by U.S. intelligence agencies.

Items include a WWII era collapsible motorcycle that could be dropped by parachute and deployed in ten seconds. There is also a German enigma machine used to create secret messages in a camel saddle. One of the first CIA agents to arrive in Afghanistan after 9/11 used it to keep tabs on bugging devices and surveillance equipment.  read more »