A Fantasy Christmas


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for Neiman Marcus shoppers.

Earlier this week the high end retailer released the 86th edition of its Christmas book. And if you’re looking for an extravagant gift such as a $150,000 trailer designed for tailgating then this catalog is your one stop shopping list.

Every year the Dallas based company releases the book known for featuring expensive and often outrageous fantasy gifts. And this year is no different.

Items in the 2012 Christmas book range from a set of his and her watches accompanied by a trip to Paris and Geneva, valued at just over $1,000,000 to a monogrammed coffee mug for $10.  read more »

Unusual Gift Giving


Want people to remember your Christmas gift; aim for the unusual.

No matter where you’re doing your shopping this year the travel website virtual tourist dot com has a store for you to visit. And if you can’t think of something good to get that special someone; these stores could have the inspiration you need.

For the animal lover in your life head to New York’s SoHo neighborhood. At the Evolution store you can find fossils, skulls and framed creatures. The store even has a collection of insects for sale that includes everything from butterflies to scorpions.

If you’re traveling across the pond stop off at Duke of Uke; London’s only ukulele and banjo emporium. Here you can make music with vintage guitars, harmonicas and mandolins.  read more »

A Gift for Everyone


What do you get someone who has everything? Something they don’t need.

In anticipation of the holiday shopping season the 2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas book has been released. And its pages are filled with outlandish gifts for everyone on your list; if you can afford it. For example the outdoorsman in your life might be interested in a $75,000 yurt. The luxury version of the tent generally associated with nomads is 18 feet in diameter and comes with designer pillows and a crystal chandelier.

Or there’s the $125,000 custom built library. The lucky recipient of this gift even gets to fill the library with 250 current or vintage titles of their choice.  read more »

A Christmas Story


Desperate times call for desperate measures, but it will cost you.

Twenty one year old Tim Wood has admitted to British police that he faked a burglary story to win some holiday sympathy. Wood had told police that he’d faked a complaint about a person coming into his home and stealing all of the presents from underneath the family’s Christmas tree. When the local paper picked up the story wood played it up, even posing for a photo with his two year old daughter Abby.  read more »

Party On

holiday party.jpg

It’s the season of holiday parties but you might want to keep your Christmas spirit in check.

According to the recruiting firm Amrop Battalia Winston, 79% of businesses are planning a holiday party this year. And of that number nearly 80% will be serving alcohol. But despite the festivities 95% of workers would rather receive a bonus instead of attend a party; and 29% think it’s inappropriate to celebrate amidst layoffs and cutbacks.  read more »

The Twelve Days of Christmas


Thinking about making the twelve days of Christmas a reality for your true love? Think again.

According to the annual Christmas Price Index trying to buy every item from the twelve days of Christmas song will ring in at $96,000. A 10.8% increase over last year. But if you want to skip all twelve drummers and all six geese, buying only one of every item will cost about $23,000.  read more »

Merry Christmas...Or Else

merry xmas.gif

These days it’s safer to be politically correct; but if you’re a major retail store, it can hurt your bottom line.

Over the past years you may have noticed signs that read “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” adorning the windows of your favorite store. But this year the message will most likely read “Merry Christmas” whether you celebrate the holiday or not.  read more »

You Shouldn't Have


The lights are up, the tree is decorated and it's time to hit the stores for holiday gifts. But you better watch out for more than just Santa, there are some money mistakes everyone seems to make come the holiday season.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine has narrowed the monetary mishap list down to ten crucial errors, and if you can avoid them your bank account will be a lot more jolly come the new year. While the recession pain may be easing shoppers are still holding tight to their wallets so here are some tips you shouldn't pass up.  read more »