Christmas gifts

Unwanted Gifts


Did you end up with a few Christmas gifts that aren't exactly you? Unwanted gifts are almost as much a part of the holidays as jingle bells. But you may be able to turn those unwanted gifts into cash.

According to past surveys done by the online auction site eBay, nearly 60% of Americans receive unwanted or un-needed gifts during the holidays. Returning it is one option, but can be difficult if you don't have a gift receipt. And re-gifting can be tacky and embarrassing if you get caught.

An increasingly popular option is to turn unwanted gifts into cash in a safe and anonymous way by place them up for sale on the internet. Buyers gain from this practice too, as sellers who paid nothing for the gift items are usually willing to let them go for highly discounted prices.  read more »

Unusual Gift Giving


Want people to remember your Christmas gift; aim for the unusual.

No matter where you’re doing your shopping this year the travel website virtual tourist dot com has a store for you to visit. And if you can’t think of something good to get that special someone; these stores could have the inspiration you need.

For the animal lover in your life head to New York’s SoHo neighborhood. At the Evolution store you can find fossils, skulls and framed creatures. The store even has a collection of insects for sale that includes everything from butterflies to scorpions.

If you’re traveling across the pond stop off at Duke of Uke; London’s only ukulele and banjo emporium. Here you can make music with vintage guitars, harmonicas and mandolins.  read more »

The Best Worst Gifts for Christmas


Want to buy something for someone who has everything, including a sense of humor?

The website has released its second annual list of the top ten stupidest holiday gifts for 2008. The website’s founder, Gary Apple, says 2008 was a bad year for the economy but a great year for stupidity because gift ideas are coming from everywhere. Apple says there was almost too much stupidity to choose from and narrowing it down was truly tough.

Last year’s list was crazy enough, featuring items such as a Hillary Clinton nutcracker, Mother Theresa breath spray and portable mistletoe. But the items for 2008 definitely are a little, well stupid. So here goes:

1. Screaming Chicken, The World's Most Annoying Toy  read more »