Fast Food Fat


Looks like more trouble for Chipotle, but this time instead of getting sick, customers are getting fat.

Last year the fast food Mexican chain was hit hard by an outbreak of E. coli that affected about 60 people in 13 states. Since being declared bacteria free the company has been trying to lure back customers with new menu items and more promotions. But it looks like the legal troubles aren't over with a handful of people in Los Angeles filing a lawsuit over what it calls false information.  read more »

Free Alcohol

screen shot 2016-08-09 at 12.56.28 pm.png

Chipotle is still trying to bring back customers after a recent E. coli outbreak and they're using happy hour to do it.

The outbreak was discovered back in February with stores in 14 states affected. And as those locations were forced to close their doors and clean shop, sales dropped 30%. Since then the company has offered up free food and launched a new rewards program tied to the number of times someone visits one of the restaurants.  read more »



Chipotle is serving up a new deal it hopes customers will find appetizing.

Thanks to a recent E.coli and norovirus outbreak at restaurants across the country Chipotle has found itself hurting for business. In the first quarter of this year the Mexican fast food chain reported a loss of 23% and although food traffic has picked up people are not rushing to get in line. Now the company is launching a new rewards program it hopes will entice people to begin eating their food again.  read more »

Not So Fresh


Fast food menus are designed to entice you; but one word could end up turning your stomach.

The word “fresh” used to conjure up images of good for you ingredients but thanks to quick and easy restaurants “fresh” means anything but. According to a Yahoo News blog when people see the word fresh on a menu they think it means unprocessed or healthy; a perception that restaurants are using to their advantage.  read more »