China is re-interpreting their divorce laws and it’s looking pretty good for the ex-husband.

China’s top court recently changed the country’s divorce law saying that the spouse who bought the house before the marriage has the right to keep it after a split. In the past the property was usually divided between the two sides but the court says it is fair for each party to get back what they owned before the marriage but some people, specifically women disagree.  read more »

A Four Wheeled Lottery


Most people play the lottery hoping to strike it big; in Beijing people play to get behind the wheel.

Right now the only way to get a registration is through the lottery; and without one Beijing residents cannot buy a new car. The restriction started in January as part of an effort to control air pollution and traffic congestions. And people are flocking to the lottery with the hopes of getting back on the road.

Earlier this week only 17,000 of the 614,000 applicants won the right to register. Officials say the odds of winning are 35:1; the same odds you would face at a roulette table. And although they scored the big prize a lot of winners aren’t cashing in.  read more »

Imposter Apples

fake apple.jpg

Chinese officials are taking a bite out of crime; and it tastes like a rotten apple.

So far five fake apple stores have been located in the southwestern city of Kumming. Two of them have been ordered to shut down and suspend business while they are investigated. Police say they can’t do anything about the other three because they weren’t trying to sell fake apple products.

The discovery comes after an American woman stumbled across one of the fake stores. She took pictures of the store and posted them on her blog. She wrote that they had incorporated every detail of the real Apple stores; including the blue t-shirts employees wear. After that blog appeared more than 300 electronic stores were investigated and the other fake apple spots were found.  read more »

The Great Wall of Chocolate


Have you ever wanted to take a bite out of the Great Wall of China? What if it was made of chocolate?

Chinese chocolatier Wang Qilu has built a thirty three foot long replica of the Great Wall entirely out of dark and white chocolate. The creation even features a minature army of five hundred and sixty chocolate Terracotta Warriors standing at attention on a layer of chocolate flakes.  read more »

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