Bad Tourists


China is cracking down on its citizens, especially when they leave the country.

China's tourism authority says it has named and shamed five Chinese tourists for bad behavior while traveling in other countries. Now officials are taking it a step further and talking to airlines about a flying ban.

The five people include two women and a man who brawled during a flight when one women said her seat was bumped. A fourth person was a man who assaulted a store worker for allegedly disrespecting his wife. The final person was a woman who threw hot tea on her tour guide after learning her son's ticket to a scenic site was not included in the package.  read more »

Powerful Salaries


They might rule some of the most powerful countries on earth; but some of them get paid less than a full time nanny.

President Obama has arguably one of the toughest jobs in the world. And for his troubles he pulls in $400,000 a year. A salary that is paid by tax paying citizens. Broken down into an hourly amount, the president makes $220 an hour for a forty hour week.

Of course this isn't the first family's only source of income. The President and Mrs. Obama both pull in royalties from books, speaking fees, and personal investments. When he leaves office the president will have an estimated net worth of $14 million.  read more »

Segregated Sidewalks


China is segregating its sidewalks; and the division is based on cell phone use.

One of the busiest sidewalks in southwestern China now has two lanes. One for people that on their cell phones and one for people that are not. The lanes are 50 meters long and three meters wide and have white warning signs painted on the ground.

A spokesperson for the developer who came up with the idea says the separate lanes are mainly meant for tourists who aren’t used to China’s crowded streets. He says this could save people from potential safety hazards or embarrassing situations.  read more »

Kangaroo Meat


Australia wants to sell off its kangaroo meat; and it’s hoping china will hop on board.

Over the next eight years China’s appetite for meat is expected to rise nearly 17%. And to help curb the hunger pains Australia is offering up steaks of kangaroo meat.

Australian officials say after the wet weather last year the kangaroo population exploded. But not many people in the land down under are interested in indulging. Nearly a fifth of Aussies say they wouldn’t eat kangaroos for ethical reasons. Others are reluctant to eat something that appears in the country’s national coat of arms.  read more »

Apple's Golden Ticket


Apple is working on a new flavor and it’s not sitting well with the target audience.

According to its supply source in Taiwan Apple's new iPhone will come cloaked in gold. The Silicon Valley powerhouse has yet to comment; but experts say with China expected to overtake India as the world's biggest gold consumer this new option is clearly aimed at the Far East.

Unfortunately they might not be buying it; literally. Shoppers at an Apple store in Beijing say gold should not be coupled with what they consider the pinnacle of modern technology. They say they are more concerned with screen size and operating system then color.  read more »

Singles Day


China just celebrated its biggest shopping day of the year; but only people with a certain status were spending.

In China, November 11th or 11/11 is known as “Singles Day.” Starting in the early 90s by college students, it is a day that offers big discounts to unattached young people. The students that created it say it is meant to be a Valentine’s Day for people without a partner.

So on the day; symbolized by the four single digits, people buy themselves the items they have been coveting. And in some cases they buy gifts for the object of their affection or get a great deal on a date in an attempt to end their single status.  read more »

The Best in the World


These days America might not be making a lot; but it is making the best.

In 2010 China exceeded the U.S. in terms of revenue generated by produced goods. But as the country climbs out of the recession more items are being home grown; and what we lack in quantity we make up in quality.

In order to restore bragging power MSN Money has put together a list of ten things America makes better than anyone in the world. Number ten on the list is motorcycles. Sine 1903 people have been riding Harley Davidson bikes. One of a handful of U.S. motorcycle manufacturers to survive the recession Harley brings in about $1.4 billion a year.  read more »

An Honest Policy


Sex sells; unless you’re in China.

China’s state food and drug administration is preparing to ban health supplement makers from naming their products after sex, God or eternal life. It says these terms are vulgar or linked with superstition and can no longer be used as a marketing tool. Other works making the black list include powerful, magical results, miraculous and extraordinary.  read more »

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Grab a Pillow


Need some stress relief; grab a pillow.

For the fifth year in a row hundreds of Chinese gathered in Shanghai to send 2011 out with a massive pillow fight. And this time around so many people needed the outlet that two days of fighting was planned.

Eleven Wang is the organizer behind the event. He says there are many white collar workers and students facing extra economic pressure. He says with college bills piling up and bosses demanding extra work people need a healthy way to deal with their emotions. And if they need something to blame, they can write down the name of their boss, teacher or subject of stress and put it in the pillow.  read more »

Immoral Laughter


Life in china is taking a turn for the serious.

Earlier this week the Chinese media reported that the country will be cutting back on entertainment oriented television shows to focus on ones that build morale. This includes everything from sitcoms to dating game shows to dance broadcasts. China’s state administration of radio, film and television says it is aiming to restrict anything that records what they call “the dark and gloomy side of society.”  read more »