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Travel Jobs


Find yourself staring out the window more than at your computer screen? Might be time to change the way you earn your paycheck.

Let's face it, an office job isn't for everyone. But that doesn't mean trading in your life of adventure to pay your rent; instead consider a job that gives you both. To help narrow down your choices MSN Money has the eight best jobs for people who love to travel.

For example, an English teacher. While that might require another degree, English teachers are in high demand to teach the language to people in countries such as China, Thailand and Costa Rica. Salaries range everywhere from $200 to $2,000 a month but can be stretched depending on the area's cost of living.  read more »

Travel Apps


Preparing for your summer vacation? Make sure the stress of daily life stays home.

These days everyone is jetting off for some fun in the sun; until you hit the airport and long lines and crowded planes make your trip feel like work. But fortunately we live in the world of “there's an app for everything” so Yahoo Tech has uncovered a few to make your vacation a little smoother.

For example before you fly check out apps such as Hipmunk. This is a visual flight schedule that makes planning the trip simpler. Then there's Flight Aware. This shows you where every flight in the sky is as well as altitude and speed. Plus find the highest and lowest prices for those flights and its average for being early or late.  read more »

Business Expenses


Looking for a way to save your company money and travel more? Take a few tips from the women around the office.

According to new research published in Harvard business review women are the ideal candidate to send on a business trip because they spend less than men. And there are a few reasons behind their ability to save a couple of bucks.

First of all women tend to check their luggage while most men carry on and these days most airlines charge for any bags you bring on board beyond a purse or backpack. Another reason women are one upping men on corporate expenses? They tend to book their flights two days earlier than men. According to the Harvard business review that small window results in an average savings of $113 per ticket.  read more »

Hitching a Ride

blah blah.png

A European ridesharing company is picking up speed and its customers are also part of its business plan.

Blah Blah car is based in Paris and in operation all across Europe. It works by linking drivers with empty seats with passengers who need a ride. Co-founder Nicolas Brusson says 80% of people travel by car in Europe and most of them have plenty of room.

“What we end up doing by offering those empty seats in cars to passengers going the same way, we actually tap into what's probably the biggest wasted inventory of passenger seats.”  read more »



The summer season is here; and with the warm weather comes a little time off.

It's the time of year when people pack up and hit the road. But despite signs of a stronger economy not everyone is jetting off to tropical destinations. Instead they're keeping things low key and sticking close to home.

A few years ago when the economy hit rock bottom a new concept was born. Called the staycation; it gave people a little time away right in their own neck of the woods. Unfortunately it turns out not everyone's city is a desirable vacation spot. So if you're looking to save a few extra bucks on this year's travel plans the financial website Wallet Hub has a few tips on where to point the car and when to keep driving.  read more »

Getting Away Without Getting Busted

sheyenne river parkway.jpg

Newspapers this week have been filled with ideas for cheap getaways. And even for those few folks still doing well, flaunting expensive leisure travel in front of less fortunate neighbors is not, well, neighborly.

So I noticed with interest a recent CNN story by reporter Lisa Respers France that offers some great tips for day trips. Perhaps one will peak your own fancy. Even if not in your area, I’m sure with some brainstorming around the family table with a local map, you’ll come up with some great ideas of your own. CNN’s examples:

From Fargo, North Dakota -- The Sheyenne River Valley National Scenic Byway  read more »