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Travel With Amazon


Amazon is letting you expand your shopping list; to anywhere in the world.

According to the travel website the world’s biggest online retailer is attempting to break into the travel business. Beginning in January Amazon will start letting people make hotel and resort reservations through its site. Participating businesses would load their room types, availability, pricing and pictures into a business to business server. Then they would be notified by Amazon when a booking is made. In return the hotels and resorts pay Amazon a 15% commission.  read more »

Hotel Bookings


Booking a hotel room; the best deal might not be found online.

The summer travel season is vamping up and when it’s time to make your reservations most people head to their favorite search engine. Turns out Google might not be as smart as you think. Industry experts say the price of hotel rooms is always changing because of demand. Often times this isn’t reflected online but the internet can still help you get started.

MSN Money recommends first searching for the location you want to stay in. Then search some of the big booking sites to see the range of prices for the hotel you’re interested in. From there the site has a few options for you to save the most amount of money. And one of them involves going old school.  read more »