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Holiday Travel


The most wonderful time of year is approaching and the price of airfare is rising to meet it.

Halloween is a week away which means the holiday season is here and people are planning their annual getaway. But whether it's home to the family or off on vacation we have now entered the time of year when the cost of plane tickets go up.

And this year the travel site says they are 17% higher than last year. And they aren't dropping anytime soon. also says that prices around Christmas are expected to rise 51% and New Year's Eve tickets will go up 25%. But there are still a few tricks you can try.  read more »

Best Deals for Summer Travel


The first official day of Summer is here and while the economy may be giving us a lot of grief it's also handing out some great travel deals.

Founder of Best Fares Tom Parsons and Anne Banas, Executive Editor of Smarter Travel teamed up with journalist Terry Gardner and compiled a list of the top ten best travel deals on the market. First on the list is a trip down under to Sydney, Australia, airfares have never been so low. Quantas and V Australia have advertised roundtrip tickets for around $560 and Delta is expected to sweeten the deal when they begin service to Australia on July 1st.  read more »