The Newest Gadgets


The consumer electronics show in Las Vegas is four months away; but companies across the pond are already giving us a sneak peek at what's to come.

The IFA, a preview of all the hot gadgets expected to hit the market just wrapped up in Europe and analysts say life is about to get even easier. For example a big item was smart refrigerators. One prototype runs Windows 10 and has apps so users can look up recipes, edit a shopping list or tune in their favorite radio station all on the door of the fridge. Another option has a door that doubles as a display for cooking shows. That way you can pull up your very own chef to talk you through whatever meal you may be whipping up.  read more »

Consumer Electronics Show


The city of sin is going high tech.

This weekend is the final days of the Consumer Electronic Show. This is a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas. It features hundreds of exhibits from countries all over the world hoping to convince people that they have created the next big thing. And this year is no different.

Now tech reporters are compiling their lists of some of the coolest things they've seen that are all designed to make your life a little bit easier; in ways you didn't think you needed. For example a reporter with the Toronto Star has narrowed down ten of what they consider the best gadgets at this year's show.  read more »

Wearable Devices


You are what you eat; but now what you wear is providing a lot of information as well.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas companies such as Samsung, Qualcomm and Sony unveiled a number of new gadgets that you can snap, fasten or buckle to your body. And to make them even more appealing these models are easier to use, have an extended battery life and tap into the powers of gestures, social networks and cloud computing.

One device is called the Fit-Bit force activity band which tracks a wearers steps, calories burned, sleep patterns and fitness level. It's just one of multiple devices designed to target people chained to a desk who are watching their waistlines.  read more »

Consumer Electronics Show


The latest gadgets just wrapped up their big Las Vegas Show.

This past week the Consumer Electronics Show was once again a big hit. Hailed as the biggest trade show in the country, this was the year of the television. All the big brands were there trying to convince buyers to do away with HDTV’s and make room for ultra HDTV’s.

But it might not be enough to bring in crowds. According to tech blogs the show suffered because it highlighted items such as desktop computers and camcorders.

But these days, most people are drawn to gadgets that do everything such as smartphones and handheld tablets. Unfortunately for CES the show has yet to embrace the trend and offer items people want.  read more »

The Technology of Tomorrow


The Consumer Electronics Show is powering up and this year big and thin is in.

The CES show kicked off Tuesday in Las Vegas and some of the biggest companies are highlighting new products for your “must have” list. Last year’s big showing was the 3-D television set. But once off the showroom floor the extra dimension didn’t make such a splash with consumers. So this year manufacturers are focusing on design and picture improvement for 2-D TV’s and tackling one of the biggest problem with 3-D; the glasses.  read more »