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Cash Back From Verizon Wireless


Verizon wireless customers, take a close look at your next phone bill, because it might just give you a pleasant surprise.

Last year the Cederal Communications Commission asked Verizon about a $1.99 data access fee that customers without data plans were being charged. Turns out a data plan or internet access could be initiated by accidentally pressing the wrong button on your cell phone, resulting in the additional charges.  read more »

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The Comeback Company


The world is mobile and one company is looking to connect with America.

Finland based Nokia is the world’s largest mobile phone maker, but has little presence in the U.S. Now it’s new CEO, former Microsoft Executive Steven Elop wants to change that. Challenging the likes of Apple with Nokia’s new N-8 camera phone technology rolled out at its world summit in London last week. While there, I spoke with Mark Selby, Vice President of Industry Collaborations for Nokia.

“The message we gave yesterday I think is the key message. Nokia is back. We didn’t go anywhere but you know there’s that wonderful expression that perception is reality, reality is rarely perception.”  read more »

Portable Radiation


Have you ever wondered how much radiation from your cell phone is seeping into your blood stream? One company is hoping San Francisco consumers never find out.

Last month a federal court in San Francisco ruled that cell phone makers had to warn customers about the levels of radiation each phone gives off. Now the wireless Cita-The Wireless Trade Association is trying to block the law saying it will confuse, and not help shoppers.  read more »

A Boost for Local Media


Traditional broadcasters are finding new ways to stay competitive with cable and the internet. And technology may help them succeed.

At the recent National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas I found traditional media outlets embracing new technology to survive. Dennis Wharton is the Executive Vice President of Media Relations for the NAB and says broadcasting is embracing the younger generation. Wharton says the industry is working on streaming live local television to mobile devices and the backseats of cars and planting FM chips so cell phones will have radio capability. But aside from entertainment Wharton says broadcasting will remain the most effective means of communication in times of trouble.  read more »

Thou Shalt Not Text


The Bible already provides you with some pretty clear guidelines to live your life by and now the use of technology may be added to that list.

Vincent Nichols is the Archbishop of Westminster in England and he is concerned that the excessive use of e-mails and text messages is creating shallow friendships and undermining community life. Nichols also said that popular networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter cause young people to form transient relationships which upon their collapse can lead people to suicide.  read more »

The Dark Day My Blackberry Fell Into The Toletta


When I first asked my wife if she could take enough time off for a long anticipated vacation trip to Italy, she said “only if I can keep in touch with the office and my clients”.

No problem, I thought. Plenty of my golfing buddies travel on business around the world. But I should have remembered that they have “people” who handle the details. I was on my own.

My descent into international telephone and e-mail madness began with a series of trips to the local ATT Wireless store to test drive various products guaranteed to keep them and my wife in business, while driving me nuts.  read more »