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Cell Phone Addiction


There's a new type of addiction on the rise and chances are it's already in your pocket.

Common Sense Media is a San Francisco based nonprofit that focuses on the effects of media and technology on children. Recently it surveyed 1240 people about their use of cell phones and found that 59% of children between 12 and 18 are addicted to their devices.

They told the organization that they couldn't imagine not having their phones and say they can't go an hour without checking it. In addition to that, most say they feel pressured to respond to any text messages or social media alerts as soon as they get them. And it's not just children, about the same amount of parents said they also have trouble staying away from their phones.  read more »

Expensive Airways


Think our airwaves are free? Guess again. They may be invisible but are worth billions.

According to The Wall St. Journal, the Federal Communications Commission's auction of wireless spectrum licenses has collected at least $34 billion in bids, turning a sleepy affair into a windfall for taxpayers and an enormous commitment of capital for carriers.

What's behind this incredible demand is your addiction to smartphones that let you wirelessly watch YouTube videos, stream music and share photos. The Journal describes the spectrum as lanes on a highway. Wireless carriers buy licenses from the Government to use it, and when growing traffic leads to congestion, the have to acquire more.  read more »

Slow Service


Restaurant service is slowing down and your selfies might be to blame.

According to a manager at an unnamed New York city restaurant customers are waiting longer than usual to score a table. And it looks like cell phones are the reason why. In a post on the Craigslist “Rants and Raves” board the restaurant manager described what happened when he pulled surveillance videos from 2004 and 2014. He found that the average time from when a customer walked in to when they left the table increased from one hour and five minutes to one hour and 55 minutes.  read more »

Segregated Sidewalks


China is segregating its sidewalks; and the division is based on cell phone use.

One of the busiest sidewalks in southwestern China now has two lanes. One for people that on their cell phones and one for people that are not. The lanes are 50 meters long and three meters wide and have white warning signs painted on the ground.

A spokesperson for the developer who came up with the idea says the separate lanes are mainly meant for tourists who aren’t used to China’s crowded streets. He says this could save people from potential safety hazards or embarrassing situations.  read more »

Calling From the Air


Want to have a loud debate with family and friends this holiday weekend? Ask what they think of making cell phone calls at 35,000 feet.

Think debating politics or religion is tough; try getting folks to agree on letting passengers make unlimited cell phone calls while traveling well above the Earth. The FAA decided last week to seek input on the idea of doing just that.

The immediate response was mostly negative. One flight attendants union said it was a stupid idea that would compromise safety, and cause heated arguments between those making the calls and who thought it an intrusion on their privacy.  read more »

Cell Phone Addiction


Constantly connected to your cell phone; you might be one screen swipe away from rehab.

Researchers at the University of Washington say they noticed an extreme increase on the frequency and amount of time people spend on their phones. So much so that they say cell phone use is becoming an addiction and can make you anti-social, stressed and anxious. Traits usually attributed to people addicted to drugs or alcohol.

According to the study there are four warning signs you should watch out for in yourself and friends and family. For example; anticipation. Researchers say it's a problem if you are constantly thinking about the calls or messages you might receive before they even happen.  read more »

Reinventing the Pay Phone


New York City is bringing back the pay phone; with a twist.

A project meant to promote an art exhibit has turned 5,000 Manhattan pay phones into time machines. All you have to do is find one of the phones; and yes they still exist, pick up the receiver and dial 1-800-FOR-1993. Then you will hear a well-known New York resident tell you what life was like on that block 20 years ago.  read more »

Well Connected


The world is well connected just not with sewage pipes

According to a new United Nations study 6 billion people around the world have access to a cell phone. Unfortunately only 4.5 billion can get their hands on a working toilet.

A main example of the study is India. 626 million people in India are not able to use a clean toilet. However at the same time there are about one billion cellphones throughout the country.  read more »

Cell Phone Separation


A Los Angeles restaurant is offering diners a unique deal; but it requires a little sacrifice.

Eva restaurant in Beverly Hills wants its diners to have a memorable experience they next time they visit. So everyone who comes in the door is offered a five percent discount on the meal. The catch; you have to give up your cell phone in order to collect.

The restaurant says when people come in and ask for a table the hostess offers the discount as long as everyone in the party leaves their phones with the hostess. The owner says the idea isn’t about other diners who might be annoyed by cell phone chatter, alerts or the glow from the screen. Instead it is about providing an environment where people connect to each other instead of technology.  read more »

Public Phone Calls


The next call you make from your cell phone might involve more people than you think.

According to Yahoo news law enforcement agencies are requesting more personal information from wireless carriers than ever before.

Last year text messages, locations and other information were requested more than 1.3 million times. The personal records were handed over in response to police emergencies, court orders and law enforcement subpoenas. And the information detailed everything from calls you make, to messages you send to your internet history.  read more »