Famous Faces


Advertisers beware; sometimes a famous face can deliver the wrong message.

Getting a celebrity to endorse your product is hardly a new idea but that doesn't mean it's always a good one. In some cases it's a perfect fit; such as Michael Jordan and Nike or Brooke Shields and her Calvin’s.

Then there are the celebrity endorsements that stir up a lot more than an urge to rush out and buy the product. And in those cases the company usually issues an apology through social media, pulls the commercial and hopes nobody notices what happened. But Fortune Magazine did notice and has put together a list of the six celebrity endorsements that made consumers angry.  read more »

The High Price of Fame


Success comes at a price; and sometimes it’s more than you want to pay.

According to a new study in the International Journal of Medicine people in entertainment or sports careers tend to die younger. This revelation is based on analyzing 1000 New York Times obituaries from 2009 to 2011. And the average age at which entertainers are taking their final curtain call is 77.2 years old.

Younger than people in creative based services, academics and the military. The researchers say the main causes for early demise in the entertainment and athletic world include smoking, stress and other risky behavior. And they say even at the top of the game people are still concerned that someone younger is going to steal their spotlight.  read more »

Celebrity Endorsements


Want to know what your favorite celebrity is into these days; head to Twitter.

Thanks to the five year old social network you can follow every thought coming out of Hollywood. And some start-ups are now using Twitter to cash in on those thoughts. The idea is to connect celebrities with companies willing to pay them for a tweet. And the stars aren’t turning down the easy money, no matter how obscure the product.

Companies say Twitter has become an easy way to grab an audience and is cheaper than most advertising campaigns. And there’s a science behind it. The effectiveness of a paid tweet is measured by how many times it’s re-posted and how many followers the celebrity has.  read more »

Tweet Today, Gone the Next

follow me.jpg

Celebrities take note. Your career could be one tweet away from over.

A survey by publishers Bauer Media found that easy access to stars through twitter makes them less appealing. This leads to fans getting bored and moving on to the next rising star. And according to the survey this also means a shorter career for the celebrity tweeter. The publishing company says these days it’s easy to follow the day to day activities of your favorite celebrity. But the easy access leads to fans losing interest quicker.  read more »

Celebrity Taxes


We can be certain of two things; death and taxes. And any celebrities still kicking in the Phillipines better get ready to pay up.

Revenue officials in the Phillipines are cracking down on tax evasion and they're starting with the islands high rollers. Officials are hoping this will set an example to the rest of the public who idolize everyone in show biz. Officials say movie and pop stars in the Phillipines are always held in high regard with many of them being elected to office.

Tax Commisioner Kim Henares says it's easier to tell if celebrities are reporting their earnings. All you need to do is check out the TV, billboards and magazines. Tax officials will target anyone who pops up in the spotlight under the assumption they are bringing in a lot of extra revenue.  read more »

Star Power


These days everyone is keeping a close eye on their bank account. Frivilous spending has been replaced with savings, but could your favorite celebrity help you stray from the rainy day fund?  read more »

Fact or Fiction


It's common knowledge that you should take supposed facts from Wikipedia with a grain of salt. But that might change due to some tighter security and embarassing bloopers.

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia provides you with facts and information on almost every topic you could dream up. But there was one minor flaw, the site was open for anyone to edit and all you needed was an internet connection to spread a worldwide rumor.

But the site has recently announced plans to stop this information desecration and is preparing to put a new system into effect that will require any changes to a person's page that is still living be approved by an experienced volunteer before going online.  read more »