Grumpy the Cat


The internet’s most famous face is paying off.

The brown and white pout of Grumpy cat has now scored an endorsement deal. Earlier this week Nestle Purina pet care announced that grumpy will be the new face and spokescat for a Friskies brand of cat food.

For the past few months Grumpy the cat has taken over the internet. She is a constant presence on social media with her picture being used on pictures with captions that read “I don’t like days that end in y” or “I’m listening, I just don’t care.” Grumpy’s own Facebook page has more than 1.3 million likes and she boasts 111,000 Twitter followers.  read more »

Custom Cat Homes


Cats might not be man’s best friend but they’re definitely moving up in the world.

A Japanese housing and construction group has created a new home that takes being a cat lover to a whole new level. After researching what cat owners and their pets want in a home the company designed an appropriate living space for people complete with all the amenities for their feline friends.

This includes platforms to climb on, tunnels to explore and open air cat walks. It also features a bathroom with enough space for a litter box and special fences so your pet won’t be able to escape. To top it off everything in the house is made using material that is resistant to scratching and easy to clean.  read more »

Cuddly Catz


It seems even hardened criminals have a soft side.

A prison in Washington state is now testing out a program called “Cuddly Catz.” It matches inmates with cats who were facing euthanization and rescued from shelters.

One of the inmates testing out the pet program is Joey Contreras. In March he was transferred from a forty man dorm to a two person cell where he met his new roommate named “Princess Natalie.” Princess Natalie had been living in a shelter and was days away from death when she was adopted into the program.  read more »

Dr. Doom


Everyone says it's dangerous to play God, but what about playing the grimreaper?

Doctors at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Rhode Island have a four legged business tactic to help prepare patients for the other side. Oscar, a cat who the home adopted has displayed an unusual talent for lying on the bed of someone about to pass away.  read more »

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