Your Telltale Vehicle


You know what you say about your car; but what does it say about you?

Think a good first impression starts with a handshake? Because according to MSN Auto it starts the minute you drive up. Walter McManus is the head of the automotive analysis group at the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institution. MSN Auto presented him with ten different cars and asked him to weigh in on the personality traits each ride conveys.  read more »

Cars of the Future


Car industry analysts are taking a glimpse into the future; and it’s looking pretty safe.

The year 2020 probably won’t bring us flying cars but according to MSN Autos; vehicles of the future will still be tech-savvy. Safety will remain the industry’s top concern; and new technology will help prevent and reduce accidents. By the year 2020 government mandates will mean smaller, more gas efficient cars designed to reduce pollution. The majority of which will most likely be electric. And of course your future car will keep you connected to social networks, apps even other cars on the road.  read more »

Infamous Rides


No doubt you've heard that Toyota has been in the news for trying to fix a defective gas pedal on some of its cars. But there are other cars that have seen their own share of negative headlines.

To be infamous you have to be connected to something really bad. So MSN Autos has compiled a list of vehicles that could not out-manuver their path to death and destruction. The cars on this list have been part of American car history.

On the list, the 1994 Mercedes Benz S280, made famous for smashing into a pillar in a Paris underpass, and taking the life of Princess Diana. Or the Porsche 550 Spyder that America's rebel James Dean was driving when another car swerved into his lane and hit him head on.  read more »

Fast and the Famous

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Sometimes it's the props that make a movie or television scene come alive. And sometimes those props drive off with all the star power.

Some of the biggest silver screen stars throughout history have a motor and four wheels. So Hagerty Insurance, the leading insurer of collectible cars, decided it might be good for business to conduct a survey to find out which celebrity cars made the top ten list of movie and tv buffs.

Mckeel Hagerty says each vehicle on the list not only played an integral part in a movie or TV show storyline but each possessed an on-screen personality of its own. Hagerty says this allowed the cars to become another character people could relate to.  read more »