Working Smarter, Not Harder


Are you promising to work harder in the new year?

Every year about this time most of us working stiffs promise ourselves, our bosses and maybe our spouses to work harder in the new year. Our capitalist ethic seems to say the harder you work the more money you will make and the better your life will be.

But that may not always be true, you could be working yourself ragged for a company in a dying industry. Or for a boss who takes a blind eye to your contribuition to his bottom line. Or you discover that the harder you work the more more money the tax man picks from your pocket. So how about just working smarter in the new year?  read more »

Employees Wanted


While you may be feeling the pain of unemployment right now, there is hope on the horizon.

According to Yahoo Hot Jobs, in the next few years jobs will outstrip demand in some professions. So instead of spending hours locking down your next pay check why not find a career where the money comes looking for you? Yahoo Hot Jobs lists ten careers that within a few years are going to meet these criteria.

Wanted: you! 10 jobs where employers come looking for you

Written by Romy LeClaire Loran,, for Yahoo! Hot Jobs:  read more »

Staying Ahead of The Game

Unemployment is up and if you’re lucky enough to still have a job it might be time to do some damage control to keep one.

The entire country is feeling the job pinch. Every state is reporting a spike in unemployment and no one is sure when jobs will come back. Companies are living lean and finding ways to cut costs, including payroll.

So how can you protect yourself in this warzone filled with pink slips? Robert half international is a leader in staffing and consulting services. The company’s regional Vice President Camelia Lim says right now it’s all about showing what you know.  read more »

Let's Retire the Word Retirement

This week I kick off my new website with a promise. I intend to use this interactive media web world to help explain and put in perspective this incredibly daunting new world of business, using as a guide my three decade background as a business journalist and entrepreneur.

Those of you who have followed my long career as friends and fans may wonder why I take on this “new job” at an age when I should be playing golf or just sitting on my achievements, fondly recalling the thousands of television stories and radio interviews I’ve produced in the U-S and around the world over thirty years.  read more »

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