california drought

Saving Water


The idea of saving water is getting a lot sexier.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority has launched a campaign on pretty much every outlet themed “there's nothing sexier than saving water.” And in case you're wondering if the company has any credibility, it's also the brains behind the campaign “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

The new advertisements show people adjusting their watering clocks as members of the opposite sex gaze at them with lust. The message coincides with new fall restrictions for Nevada that limit watering to three days a week and prohibits sprinklers during the daytime. Those restrictions are expected to last through the end of October. But Nevada isn't the only state turning up the heat on saving water.  read more »

Drought Shaming


Still wasting water during California’s historic drought? Shame on you, literally.

People who live in southern California are finding themselves victims of what is being called drought shaming. Whether it's on YouTube, Facebook or under the hash tag “drought shaming” anyone found using unnecessary amounts of water is in for some social shame.

One of the people behind the charge is Tony Corcoran. He spends his days canvassing ritzy neighborhoods looking for examples of wasted water. That includes people watering their lawns, washing their cars or broken sprinkler heads. And if he finds something he puts it out there for the world to see; and more often than not that includes your address.  read more »

California's Drought


California is in the middle of a drought; and it could start drying up your wallets as well.

After the latest and rather dismal snow survey California Governor Jerry Brown issued a mandatory water cutback of 25% statewide. However the decision of how to actually bring about that kind of decrease is being left up to the individual water districts.

Some of the ideas discussed include charging people who use more water higher rates and issuing sanctions against people who do not conserve. Another thought is to use tiered billing depending on how much water is being used; and idea that is already in effect in Los Angeles. Water districts themselves could also face sanctions if they are unable to convince people to cut back; an idea designed to hold everyone responsible.  read more »

The Wine Industry


Every business has its obstacles; especially when you're dealing with Mother Nature.

Since 1977 Robert Foley has been making wine in California’s Napa valley. Now he is the vintner for a number of small wineries while also producing his own blends.

“It is a tough business, truth be spoken if you want to make a small fortune start with a large fortune.

This year winemakers in California are facing an extra challenge because of the long term drought. But so far Foley says the fruit being harvested looks promising mainly because they knew what to expect. Then the recent earthquake in Napa delivered another setback with damage to vineyards and wineries. But no matter how tough the business might get, wine makers know the customers will always be there.  read more »

Water Witches


California farmers are hoping to dry up drought concerns; by turning to dark magic.

Thanks to the dry winter months the state of California has officially declared a drought emergency. Mandatory and voluntary water restrictions are in place and farmers in the central valley are looking for ways to irrigate crops.

The latest attempt at taping into the precious resource is by hiring dowsers or water witches to help locate what Mother Nature won't provide. These so called witches use copper sticks or wooden rods that resemble large wishbones. Then they walk around and use natural energy to find water or minerals hidden deep underground.  read more »