A Tarnished State


The Golden State is getting a little tarnished these days, despite being one of the world's leading economies.

California has a well deserved reputation for its booming economy, great weather and breathtaking scenery. But according to census figures, it also has the highest poverty rate in the country. More than 20% of Californians, nearly 8 million people, struggle to make ends meet.  read more »

State Facts


You might be proud of where you're from; but one company is giving you a reason to hide your head in shame.

We might make up the 50 United States of America but if you go by our internet search histories each state is very independent. To highlight the differences the real estate company Estately ran hundreds of search questions through Google trends to see which words and terms each state searches more than any other. And the results might surprise and possibly disturb you.

For example people in Alabama are most curious about fox news, god and impeaching president Obama. On the other side of the country people in California are looking up Google glass, Paris Hilton, Rogaine and what does Siri look like?  read more »

Water Witches


California farmers are hoping to dry up drought concerns; by turning to dark magic.

Thanks to the dry winter months the state of California has officially declared a drought emergency. Mandatory and voluntary water restrictions are in place and farmers in the central valley are looking for ways to irrigate crops.

The latest attempt at taping into the precious resource is by hiring dowsers or water witches to help locate what Mother Nature won't provide. These so called witches use copper sticks or wooden rods that resemble large wishbones. Then they walk around and use natural energy to find water or minerals hidden deep underground.  read more »

Pay as You Stay


One northern California business is offering a flat rate for a good night's sleep; but only if you're a prisoner.

A jail in Fremont, located in the San Francisco Bay Area is offering a pay as you go program for certain prisoners. In order to qualify inmates must be behind bars on misdemeanor charges and need to afford the nightly rate of $155.

For that price guests get their own cell with shared bathroom and shower space. Additional perks include various recreational activities such as a widescreen HD TV. The $10 million prison can house up to 96 prisoners at a time.  read more »

Retirement Destinations


The turbulent economy may have cleaned out your retirement account. But your golden years aren’t completely lost.  read more »