buying a house

A Low Down Payment


In the market for a home in the Houston area? All you need for a down payment is a compelling argument.

Michael and Stephanie Wachs have decided to sell their house and move closer to their daughter's preschool. So they are putting their home in a popular Houston neighborhood up for sale. And if you're interested in putting in an offer, you're going to need less than $200 and a well written essay.  read more »

Home Sweet Home


The cost of housing is going up; and hopefully your paycheck is rising to meet it.

For most people a house is the ultimate prize; something to call your own and something to sell for a profit when things pick up. But depending on the city you live in, that goal can be awfully hard to reach. So to give you an idea of the places around the country you can afford; MSN Money has a list of how much money you need to make in order to buy a house in a certain city.

The cheapest big city on the list? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a required annual income of $33,000. The city also has the lowest mortgage rates of all the cities tracked with an average monthly payment of $700. Close behind that is Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio.  read more »